Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Early Shopping Mode

I’m on a shopping mode this morning.

Well, not that I plan to shop loads of stuff in the internet and extinguish most of my budget. I was just looking around and thought of buying some maternity bras for myself. As some of you know, I only have a month to spare before I give birth to our second child. So, it is just wise for me to prepare everything that my baby and I needs before the delivery. I really want a bra with a soft nursing pad on it - in preparation for some breast feeding episode. :)

I'm also looking for some workout t-shirts that I might use very soon. You see, after I give birth I’m planning to enroll myself in a fitness class and toned my body fats and muscles. I can feel that I badly need a work out to bring back my slim figure or at least trim down my waist even a bit. Though of course I need to consider my budget as of this moment and if it will give me some financial constraint I might prioritize bra first before the t-shirts and any special size clothing I was eying for.


Jhari said...

Ganito yung bra na nabili ko sa Pinas noon. Isang pair lang nabili ko. Goodluck sa paulit-ulit na laba daba?

Jhari said...

Btw, sis ngayon ko lang na-grab yung badge mo. Di ko napansin na may badge pala dito.

Eds said...

Hi sis, was planning to buy one sana if ever mgpabreastfeed... ok ba sya? kay Aj kasi di ako ngpa breastfeed unfortunately walang laman haha :)

btw, thanks sa pag grab ng badge! :)