Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Building a Dream House

As said on my previous posts before my brother Michael and his wife are currently on the process of building their dream house and based on my estimate the house is already 70 percent finish. All the basic foundations and construction has been accomplished as well as the roofs and the floor. We visited them yesterday that are why I know how what they are working at.

Next week, as based on the engineer’s time table, wood floor installers will start to work on the floor of the house and hopefully finish installing the wood floor before this month ends. You see, my brother wanted wood type flooring instead of marbles or granites that my dad has suggested. My brother said, wood has a warmer approach in terms of comfy and elegance with respect to interior aspect.

Good thing, a Sears’s depot is just near their place, that’s why buying wood floor has been a breeze for them. Sears has everything from carpeting, tile, laminate, granite and hardwood floors. Fortunately, they also offer floor installation which can be availed on a flexible financing process. And that’s what they did. Tomorrow, the wood installers will come and beautify my brother’s dream house.