Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beautiful Bathroom Tiles

I was browsing some friend’s photo on a social networking site when I suddenly stumbled upon a beautiful bathroom photo. I saw this from and I so love the bathroom tiles, just look at it!

This is one of the bathroom tiles that Brighton is offering. Brighton wall tiles are available on different colors from black and white pair to bright blue and lilac. The black and while colors are selling like pancakes for their classical and stylish look while the bright colors on the other hand are usually bought by younger client’s who wants to have show their fresher views on interior designing.

But as for me this Brighton Blue as shown in the photo above is the best one for me. The colors of this one make me want to stay in the bathroom the whole day. Lol! Having a clean and beautiful bathroom does makes one relax even more. That is why it is just wise for a home owner like us to prioritize the bathroom area in terms of construction and design, right? Anyways, I need to check on some bathroom designs and colors for our upcoming house renovations. Yes! We’re renovating! The husband just can’t get enough of his house. Lol!