Friday, April 8, 2011

Auto Bags and Bags on a Roll

My sister in law Arcelie is currently in Europe right now. Fortunately, she was able to get a job after a year of being unemployed due to recession in other countries. She was one of the unfortunate people who have lost their jobs last year because of the fluctuating status of the world’s economy

But this year seems to be a great year for her and her husband. Both of them got a new job on different countries. Arcelie is in Estonia and is currently working as a spa therapists on one of the renowned spa center in Estonia. Her other half is in Menomonee Falls working in a packaging company and was just promoted as a machine operator on auto bags.

I think most of you don’t know an auto bag is? Well, it is a short term for automatic bagger machine that has bags on a roll on it to seal or bag a product or an item to be sold or transport. This is usually used by big manufacturing companies who sell their product in bulk or in retail as well. I think one of the most famous packaging companies that offer such great bag on rolls is Converting Technology. They have been in the polybag’s market for a long time now and they are no-doubt one of the best in the polybag’s industry. They have been famous on giving the most flexible packaging solutions to their customers and because of their “attention to detail” motto, they have been the preferred suppliers in the industry. Fortunately, that is where my brother in law is working. Oh well, sometimes luck just comes in front of you and you just have to open your eyes and grab it immediately.