Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aging Lips Quick Remedy

This was my dilemma since I became 30. That’s why I tried searching the internet and some beauty magazines for some tips and product guide for me to use and relieve the pain of my aging lips. And when I saw one I immediately tried using it and whala! Ease to the fullness! So what did I apply?

Just this Nivea’s Lip Effect Q10 Plus did the trick. At only available at P175 on department stores I immediately felt a younger after feel of my lips. This lip care is enriched with CoEngyme Q10 + to reduce the appearance of fine lines, to activate the skin’s natural anti-aging mechanism, making it wonderfully emollient.

By the way, here’s an advice I got from my Lancome makeup artist Tatin Yang on how to take care of your lips.

1.) Apply lip balm to fill in the cracks, avoid flaking and dryness, and plump up your lips.

2.) Allow it to be absorbed for a while before using a facial towel dipped in warm water to slough off dead skin cells from chapped lips. Clean up any residue with tissue paper.

3.) Finish off by applying an anti-aging lip care product.

4.) Yang also recommends applying eye cream around the contours of your lips as a last step.


Crib said...

am also having the same problem now. i can't go out without a lip balm. time really flies, am already old. haha.