Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shopping Late at Night

Hi guys! I am still up and doing my online research about cotton surgical scrubs. Well, not for me of course, it’s for my cousin James who will work as a nurse in a new hospital next month. Yup! He’s just so excited because finally he will be working in a prestigious hospital which is fortunately one of his dream work place as a medical nurse.

As a newbie he wants to make a good impression to his new employer and co-worker and one thing he chose to get impressive is thru his scrubs. He decided to dispose all his nursing scrubs and ought to buy nursing scrubs online for he thinks that they are more stylish and comfy. Well, he’s definitely right about that at some point. That’s why I am helping him find some cheap hospital scrubs in the internet. And by far the best scrubs we’ve seen so far are those from They have different styles and stock that definitely grabbed James attention. Hmm… but I am really hoping we can order a pair or more tonight so that the package will arrive before the end of April. Hope James will make up his mind before I have a shut eye.:)