Friday, March 25, 2011

Planning for the Perfect Bachelorette Party

Everybody has been talking about the Kate Middleton and Prince William Wedding. But the couple has really been secretive and not many details have been revealed about their wedding.

But one thing is for sure. Kate will definitely have the time of her life for the Dirty Dancing themed Bachelorette party that her sister Pippa is planning for her. As usual, not much information is available about this party. Pippa booked several venues for the party to lure the paparazzi and the fans but they are saying that it is only a small group of 10 which compose of Kate’s close family and friends.

So how do you plan a perfect Bachelorette party? Just like any parties, it takes a lot of planning, preparation and organization to make the party a success so here are some tips to help you plan a perfect bachelorette party:

1. Select a theme so all details for the party will revolve around this theme. When selecting for the theme, don’t forget to consult the bride as this is an event that the bride should enjoy. It is about the bride-to-be and not about the maid of honor throwing the party. Consult the bride on the activities and ideas that she wants so you will have an idea on what theme will work best for the party.

Some themes that you can consider includes a day at the spa, a trip to the winery, something naughty theme (like the Dirty Dancing theme of Kate’s party), videoke night, poker night, or just a simple get together at home with the bride’s friends.

2. Decide on the date so you can inform the bride and the guests in advance so they can free up their schedule for this party. When choosing the date, it shouldn’t be that close to the wedding day as for sure the bride and the wedding party will still have a lot of work to do before the big day. But it shouldn’t be that far from the wedding date also so that the bride can feel that this bachelorette party will be her last best night as a single lady.

3. Make the guest lists. Consult the bride on who she wants to invite for the party to make sure that everybody close to the bride is present. The bachelorette party is a memorable event for the bride-to-be so it is important that everybody close to the bride will be there for the party.

4. Set the budget. Before starting to plan for the party, ask around to check how much each is willing to pay. The bride should not be ask to pay and so it should be clear among the invitees on how much each guest will shoulder.

5. Plan the activities. Depending on the theme selected, think of activities and games that will make the party fun. Search online as there are a lot of ideas that you can find in the net for games and activities that you can have for a bachelorette party.

Remember, a bachelorette party need not be expensive and extravagant. The maid-of-honor planning for the party can even check out discount and promos that they can avail when booking venues, caterer, etc when planning for the party. It is all about the memories that the bride will remember on her last special night as a single gal spent with people close to her heart. So have fun and make this bachelorette party a truly special night for the bride-to-be.


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Bela said...

I will be preparing a bachelorette party for a friend so this post is very timely. Thanks for sharing

Bela said...

I will be preparing a bachelorette party for a friend so this post is very timely. Thanks for sharing.

Race said...

Thanks for sharing these valuable tips and ideas. Now I can plan a bachelorette party when one of my friends decide to marry.

Toni said...

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