Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Great Getaway at Villas in Puerto Pollensa

Oh the weather here is so hot! I think we really need to start planning our great away this year and I can say that this season is the perfect one for a family bonding moment.

I told my parents about it and they were thrilled as well. I was planning to have it this month but my dad said that he was a business engagement for 2 weeks abroad specifically North Molarca. I honestly don’t know where that is but with the sound of its name I felt that the place is an island. I asked my dad about it and he said it is an island and the name the Balearic. Well, a spark of interest suddenly struck me and I told my parents that we can still have the grand getaway with my dad and have some business meeting at the side as well. The idea – will have a grand vacation at North Molarca! Great idea, right?!

That’s why as today I’m spending my whole day finding for a great resort in North Molarca. My dad’s company rented some villas in Puerto Pollensa and when I saw the pictures on their website I can say that it’s also a best hub for the family bonding as well. So, I asked my dad if it’s ok if we also stay at one of the villas in Pollensa for us to be complete while my dad is having a business meeting. He said that he will have to inquire his boss about it.

A few days later, we received some good news from my dad. Not only that his boss approved our stay there, he also promoted our dad to senior officer! Wow! This means more privileges and more benefits for us! Lol! I am really happy with the turnout of the events and I bet this getaway is the best vacation ever.