Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Great Business Technique

My friend Rodel is a newly promoted marketing manager at a blooming manufacturing company in our place. He started off as a marketing clerk when he entered the company a couple of years ago. But because of his unrelenting dedication and loyalty to his work, his hard labor paid of this year.

Excited to begin his new spot as the head of the marketing department, he opted to open new doors to the company by making unique and effective marketing strategies. One of the tactics that he is planning to persue is aiding Grok as a partner consultant in terms of their advertising and creative designing aspects. Have you ever heard about that consulting agency? Well, it is a prestigious company co funded by the renowned creative artists Tod Seisser. Their goal is to aid people and companies in terms if their marketing or advertising strategies by studying each client’s objective in a deeper manner. They have to look deeper in to the system for them to work intensively, quickly and cost effectively.

Well, for me this great technique which Rodel has thought for his company will definitely boost more sales and clients in the coming months.