Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Amazing Glass Jewerly and Glass Eggs

Looking for one of a kind jewelry to give for your love ones or friends? Well, stop your search now for I just found an online jewelry store that offers the most unique and stunningly beautiful jewelries and other modern art work.

Dream of Glass is the store I am talking about. They offer wide variety of extra ordinary accessories that you wouldn’t think exists. What do I mean about extra ordinary? Well, unlike other jewelry store where their necklaces or bracelets are made from gold or silver materials. Dream of Glass products are made from glass! Yup! They are specially made the some kind of glass blowing technique called lamp-working. Their jewelry and arts are made from very hard glass that is definitely durable and scratch resistant.

Their best sellers are these necklaces.



Just look how pretty they are.

Now, check out these awesome Glass Eggs they made.



They are truly a work of it isn’t? Definitely perfect for people who loves and adores arts and glass. I am really glad that something unique like this still exists and is used in practice. This only means that the traditional art industry is still making its way on the top of the market beside the risk of competition of high technology gadgets and accessories.


Gessyl Enchanted said...

very pretty AND expensive. haha can anything be cheap yet beautiful? hahaha

Alex Wilde - El Experimento said...

Gorgeous necklaces you got here. I like the glass eggs too! Thanks for sharing.