Friday, February 11, 2011

Tips to Avoid Foundation Blunders and look fabulous | Fabulous Makeup tips

Bad makeup can happen to good people. But not you! Try these fixes for the most common mishaps.

1.) Picking the wrong shade

You’ve heard this trick a thousand times: Swipe foundation along your jawline, then check it in natural light to see if it disappears into skin. How can you go wrong? “Over the course of the day, you skin’s natural oils can end up darkening the color”. So put one of the tester shades in the store, continue your spree, then check it an hour later; or buy the color, test-drive it at home and take it back if you aren’t happy. ( some stores have easy return policy for used make-ups, but ask a manager before investing in a new shade )

2.) Piling on the powder

If your skin always seems shiny, use blotting papers rather than powder every time you want to stamp out oil; powder can eventually build up and look chalky.

3.) Faking a tan with foundation

“Apply a shade that’s darker than your natural color and you’ll look like you’re wearing a mask”. Instead, select one that’s the same tone as your skin, then add a touch of “sun” with bronzer on your nose, forehead, cheekbones and chin.

4.) Rushing through your make-up routine

Dust powdery makeup, like brush, over still-wet liquid or cream foundation and the powder pigment will catch on damp spots, creating a streaky finish. Wait a mere 30 seconds to make your makeup (and you) look better. Antsy? Apply mascara or shape your brows in between steps.