Monday, February 28, 2011

Put the Tweezer Down

A pluck here, a pluck there, and the next thing you know your tweezing ritual has robbed you of most of your eyebrows. What’s the deal? Focusing on a tedious task is mesmerizing in its way, and it also lets you feel more in control of your life- which help ease larger worries. But there’s a good reason for sparing your eyebrows:

Full brows frame and accentuate your eyes, so you can get away with wearing less liner and mascara. If your eyebrows are sparse, your first move is to let them grow in gradually, one row at a time. That requires patience. Brow hairs can take about three to nine weeks to sprout. To ease the awkward transition, fill in gaps with a pencil or powder that matches your eye brow color. You can try L’Oreal Brow Styliste Professional brow shaping too valued at $10.
Once brows have grown in, get pruned by a pro. Tell her you’re looking for a brow shape that flatters your face and ask her to leave them full but polished. Afterward, limit your DIY touch-ups to no more than once a week, rather than every morning. Resist the urge to pluck just one more hair and soon you’ll have broken your tweezers-happy habits for good.


Leah said...

Hahaha! I can relate to this! Yes, I guess once a week should be enough.