Thursday, February 17, 2011

Police Brutality and Corruption - When will it End?

Here in our country police harassment has always been a problem. I don’t know why but our government hasn’t done much to protect the civilians against these brutally annoying men in uniform who used their authority to abuse and scare people. Though our president has been announcing to the public that measures has been set and will be strictly implemented throughout the country to prevent any more abuse but still there are still unreported cases of police brutality.

Unfortunately, I don’t really know why such people (supposed to be our protector) exist in this planet. I am not sure if it has something to do with the guns or badges they posses that makes them more evil. Well, I don’t think so for they are just things that don’t affect of what a person thinks. In my point of view, the problems lie in the society in totally, if the people in a society don’t know how to abide with the rules they themselves has established, brutality like this as well as corruption will continue to sprout throughout the country. Can you believe that even with young people corruption exists? Yes, sad but true, it’s only up to us parents and their family to keep the virtue alive within ourselves.