Friday, February 11, 2011

Playing the New Scratch Game Online

Do you love playing scratch cards? If yes, well you just came to right place. You see I’ve been addicted to scratch cards when I was younger. I think I was still studying then when my mom decided to sell scratch cards on our store. One day, I thought of trying out one card while my mom was busy attending to our customers.

Of course, I was still young then and I wasn’t really mindful about the expenses that my mom got from buying the cards and I really don’t care much if she sells them. What I wanted then was to try and play just once. So, I got one and scratch them manually. Fortunately, I won! Since then, I never stop. It’s like the wining part made me it more addicting. But as time pass by, those manual scratch cards begins to loose their highlights. Somehow, they were replaced by lotto plays and online games. When that happened I stop which I think was good because I was entering college.

Now, that I’m a stay at home mom and an internet geek I thought of browsing the internet for games to kill may past time. Accidentally, I came across some scratch news that bought me down to memory lane. I also read an article on "Reasons to play online scratchcards". Wow! It was only now that I’ve learned that you can play scratch online. Thanks to the internet I can now have my childhood habit back. :)


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