Sunday, February 20, 2011

I Love Playing Games

As a mom staying at home, one of the greatest struggles I’m experiencing is boredom. Well, I’m not saying that I’m bored all the time, boredom usually strike me when Aj is outside playing , my husband is at work and I am left with nothing to on and off line. That’s why one time I decided to try playing online casino games just to let time pass for the day. I never tried playing online and I thought playing something like that was just a waste of time. But I was wrong. I never thought that playing online games was really enjoyable.

One of my favorite is playing slots, I just love how the numbers and other graphics goes up and down and I just love the exciting feeling of having a match! Somehow, it brings back the childhood in me and I just can’t help but play and play. Lol! Anyways, now I just have to keep my mouth and laptop shot when the husband is around for he doesn’t want me to get addictive with any internet games. :)