Friday, February 11, 2011

Homeowners Insurance : The Best Choice

Finally! My brother has decided to apply for a housing loan. Well, since the day he got married I told him that it is better for him and his family to have there very own house. Not only that they will have the convenience of living by themselves, they will also feel the joy and fulfillment of being independent.

But because he was our youngest and was a bit dependent to my parents, he hesitated and ignored my advice. They decided to stay in his in-laws house and lived there for about a year. He was enjoying the first half of their stay, but of course good things don’t last and as expected something happened. He had an argument with his mother in law about taking care of their baby and since then he decided to come home to my parents and spend some months there. Apparently, he applied for a housing loan while living in our parent’s house. After a few months, his loan got approved and they will be moving to their new home next month! Now, the only thing he has to worry about is their utilities and homeowners insurance payment every month. Congratulations bro! You just made the right choice.