Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Great Buying Guide for Men's Hair Care | Men's Grooming Buying Guide

Every woman just hates a “Bad Hair Day” but did you know that a bad hair can also ruin a man’s mood? Just like what happen to my husband. He used to have long locks that he used to iron but because of his itchy dandruff he decided to give himself a baldy look. He got a semi bald haircut last week for him not to shampoo too much and for him not use any gels to style his hair.

You see, he believes that the gels he used when styling his hair is the main culprit for his dandruff but I believe otherwise. For dandruff are usually caused by frequent exposure to extreme heat and cold and not on hair styling products alone. But of course, my husband did not accept that at first hand so I opted to search on for proper hair care for men to at least minimize his dandruff. Fortunately, I came across with, it’s an online store plus an adviser at the same time. They give their clients basic information about certain health and beauty problems then suggests products for their clients to use. They are really a great help especially to a wife like me that needs solutions to everyday problems like my husband’s dandruff’s! lol!