Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Full Pouty Sexy Lips in Just Minutes

Full pouty lips are usually considered by many as very sexy and very desirable. I mean who can resist Angelina Jolie’s charm with the lips that she bears? Due to that, many people who are not blessed with such usually spend lots of money just to have a cosmetic surgery or buy cosmetic injections just to be plump. But did you know that you can have those in simple beauty tricks?

I am not a beauty expert myself but I’ve always wanted to have the illusion that I owned a sexy and pouty lip like those I usually see on magazine covers. That’s why since I have the luxury of time, I tried browsing the internet for tips on how to create an illusion on having the perfect lips. I’m actually describing such as an illusion because in really life I don’t have it but I can have it with proper make up tricks. Here is what I’ve gathered:

All you need is a lipstick, lip liner or pencil, lip gloss or Vaseline. Yup! That’s all you need. Next with the procedure.

First, choose the correct cosmetics. Be sure to buy a lipstick and a lip liner that has the same color as your lips. This is very important for the illusion to take effect.

Then, put the lipstick on and sketch the outer edges of the lips with a lip liner but be sure never to draw a line outside of the normal lip area for it not to look unnatural. Lip liner is used to define the color of the lipstick so it is a must that the two should blend properly.

After that, put on a little bit of the lip gloss for a softer and shiny look. If you wanted to make it look moister, shiny and noticeably fuller use the Vaseline and that’s it!

You got fuller, sexy and pouty lips in just minutes! :)


aterhea said...

I will try this..hopefully ill get the lucious lips. Great share here.