Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our Much Awaited Family Getaway

I’m currently looking for affordable family vacations packages. Yup! I am and maybe you’re wondering why? Well, my dad called us yesterday and told us that this year might be the year we are waiting for! You see he has been waiting to receive some money from an investment company and finally he received a letter about the amount and the schedule of release! Yes finally!

My dad promised us that once his money is released the whole family will have a grand getaway! But with a condition that we should look for affordable family all inclusive vacations. So that’s what I’m doing right now.

Of course, we have to prepare for the big moment where my whole family will be getting together for a great family vacation. It’s a once in a lifetime experience for its not everyday that we can be together. Most of us have jobs and business to take care of except for me as I'm not working. That’s why the responsibility of searching for all inclusive vacation packages was bestowed on me! Well, I would love to help besides I’m always online, right?
Anyways, my dad gave me a deadline and if I don’t submit any quotes or rates to him by the end of this month, our much awaited vacation will be postponed! Urgh! I don’t want to be the cause of such horrific event and I’m really hoping the my dad was just joking.

One place I have discovered already with great affordable family vacations is Breezes Resorts. There is no end of exotic locations with all kinds of great extras included in their great prices. I think my dad will be quite impressed when I show him this! You can see for yourself at Enjoy!


JOYIEandJP said...

Wow! Congratulations in advance to you and your family. Anyways, i found your layout and the blog title cute hehe. I followed you. Hope u can me follow me too.