Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Gift for my Parents

Hi guys! How was your holiday? Well, ours was fine. We had so much fun with our love ones. We spent Christmas at my mom’s house where I my brother and I decided to cook our Noche Buena for the first time. ;)

My favorite part about our last Christmas Eve was the gift giving part. And here’s our gift for my parents.

A portable inflatable relaxing chair or what my hubby calls as the lazy man’s chair. It’s a very comfortable chair and my dad even used it as his bed last Christmas. :) My mom loves it most because she can now relax with ease from her aching feet while watching TV at their living room. :)


EINz said...

Wow sis, I would love to have that one too...hehe

Nice gift! where did you buy this one, and how much?

eds said...

Hi sis! Got it from Robinsons, naka sale sya nung Christmas sis. We bought it for P1,500 lang sis ;)