Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Great Career Online

While doing some online stuffs this morning , I thought of opening my facebook to take a peek on what’s new in the world of social networking. Suddenly, one of my long time co-workers buzzed me. He was one of our production supervisors then and quite luckily he’s not doing great in UK with his wife and children. He buzzed just to ask me how I was doing, he got the news that I just resigned from our employer and he was a bit shock when he learned about it.

Well, I just told him that I need a greener pasture and growth and because our former employer couldn’t give that to us I might as well withdraw. Anyways, because of what he heard, he told me that he know something that help might us both. It’s a work at home business that he recently discovered. I told him to give me the link and give me some information about it. He emailed me the links of the online affiliate programs that he’s into and he’ll be willing to orient me about it when he has the time. I just hope that this will be the start of a great career online other than blogging. :)

Corsets for Irish

My friend Irish will be getting married on January 2011. With that, our group decided to surprise her with a bridal shower this December. The party will also be a reunion of the group because it’s almost a year since our last get together. And because of that, I thought of buying a gift as early as now. Well, I don’t want to get crazy over the holidays right, especially that I haven’t spent a single peso for my Christmas list.

I thought of giving her a corset. What do you think? Do you think giving her such will make her more gaga over the wedding? lol! Well, I bet her husband will when he sees the corsets I'll buy for his wife. Good thing, I came across a one stop shop online store for sexy wardrobes and accessories. They have a variety of corsets and lingerie’s that are perfect for honeymooners. Lol! I’ll be setting my orders in a while but of course before that I will consult my friends first before giving my orders. Its better that they know before one or two of us have the same gifts for Irish.

Time to sign off for a while and buzz my friends. :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thank God for Internet

I had my second pre-natal check up a few days ago. And as expected with my weight, I lost about 4 pounds which is quit normal for a pregnant woman like me who’s experiencing morning sickness and food aversion due to queasiness. With that, my OB gave me the same vitamins I had and will divert the vitamins with iron after my first trimester. I sure hope by that time I will have less nausea and will gain weight like any other preggos out there. Hopefully, I should learn more tips and advises on health pregnancy to help me get thru these critical periods. Well, I’m not saying that I don’t have any knowledge on being pregnant (considering this is my second child). What I’m trying to say is – it has been 4 years since I had Aj and somehow I felt that I forgot some of the great preggo tips that I’ve learn before. lol!

Oh well, all I can say is thank god for the internet. Lol!

Favorite Past -Time

When we were younger, my brother and I used to watch a TV shopping network where we spot for different stuff for us to buy and order and had them deliver in our house. We just love watching their demos and freebies! Our very first order was a set of Proactive acne cleanser. It was ordered by my brother Mike because he was on the verge of pop-outs then. lol! Apparently, we saw some good results! Thank God! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Great Job Bro

Are you wondering why many people today buy gold?

Well, as for me I’m not surprise because buying gold as an investment is a great way to invest. Gold and many other precious stones has been dominating the market of investment because of their accumulative value and secure asset nature. It’s like buying one is one of the greatest deal one could ever had.

That’s why I’m proud to say that my brother is one of the wisest individual who took risk of investing and at the same time smart enough to choose gold as his investment. I think he read some of my posts about gold. Lol! :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Hoping to be a Businesswoman

Now that I am a work at home mom, I thought of enhancing my earning prowess. I was thinking of establishing an office supply store or a office or school aid store that offers, typing, photocopying, document imaging etc. But somehow after computing all the expenses that I need to spend on setting it up looks like it will be quit impossible for me as of this moment. My fund is quit limited and not yet ready for such project. I hope someday I could have a chance and named myself as a successful businesswoman.

Worried this Christmas

Last month my brother asked me what I want this Christmas and I didn’t hesitate to tell him that I really want the ipod touch 32g I saw online. Thought I was joking because I know that the gadget was quit pricy I taunted him that if he will give me such gift I will buy him a cool gadget as well. To my surprise, I received a package this morning and I was really so shock when I receive that I came from him. I opened it and I had mixed emotions – happy and worried at the same time. Happy because I have a new ipod touch, worried because of my promise to him. Urgh! Now, what should I do! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

WAHM Goal # 1 | Learning How to Save

I was browsing the internet this morning when I came across Belle De Jour. I can’t believe that the year is about to end and a new planner is out for order. My very first planner with them was that of 2009, I also had the 2010 planner but unfortunately, I haven’t used the said planner efficiently. Maybe I’m not the type of person who really plans everything I do and I’m not really used on having a planner on my side. But when I saw one of my online buddies who just purchased a 2011 BDJ planner for herself, I thought of ordering again. Especially when I saw the cash flow tracker part which I really need at this point.

But again, I paused for a while and asked myself, “Do I really need this planner?” I am a WAHM now and I think it will be useless if I order one again. I mean when I was working at the office I had one but I didn’t use it efficiently and effectively. What more now that I'm just staying home?

That’s why I decided not to buy this time but instead make my own planner and cash flow tracker using the Excel format ( which of course is for my personal use only ).

With that, I could have a planner and tracker at the same time and save about 598 pesos from spending! Wow! I can’t believe I just said that. Seems like (because I’m officially jobless) I’m beginning to realize the importance of money and budgeting everything. Cool! I think I should continue this and make a WAHM goal note for myself. :)

But of course, for those who needs the planner you want to order you can visit their website here -

Wise Enough

I’m currently searching the website of a beauty school in Phoenix. Well, as usual one of our relatives needs my help again for she really needs to know the curriculum of a beauty school that her boyfriend plans to enroll her. Yup! Her boyfriend will pay all tuition fee and other expenses for her enrollment in this beauty school. It was actually my cousin Zel who asked my help about this.

At first she was really happy and excited about the news her boyfriend uttered but when she got to her senses she thought of checking out the school first before charging in. Well, maybe she just wants to make sure that her boyfriend’s money won’t go to waste. And also she doesn’t want to waste her time studying beauty stuffs on school that is not renowned as reputable. Well, I can’t blame her, many beauty schools nowadays charms many people but don’t provide the knowledge and certificate they need. Good thing, my cousin was wise enough to check it out.

Friday, November 19, 2010

I'm getting BIG!

I swear I’m getting big! :)

Well, I know I cannot control the fact that I’m gaining weight especially now that I’m pregnant which I know I cannot do something to stop it at this time. But by next year after months after my delivery, I plan to trim down and shaped my body up like before. And if diet pills are needed I won’t hesitate to take one but of course the pills will be scrutinized first by me before I buy it. Just to be sure, right? ;)

Nothing Serious

Last week my grandmother was rushed to the hospital due to unknown reasons. Her doctor advice us that she needs a blood exam to find out her true condition. So we took her blood to the hospital laboratory to have the examination and after a few hours the result came in. We immediately show the result to the doctor. The findings? My grandmother is suffering from carnitine deficiency.

Oh well, good thing it was nothing serious.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


…I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it!...

Too many surprises struck me this month. :)

What am I excited about? Well other than me being a SAHM, this made US smile …

Yup! Aj will have a baby brother or sister very soon! :)

Something new in my life that will change me forever… So happy! ;)

Thank God for all the blessings, more to come! :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Coolest Hub in the Web

Are you looking for the best web hosting site you can ever have in managing your domain? Well, I think you better stop your search now for I just found and awesome web hosting hub that offers the best hosting services, lists, testimonials, and hosting reviews you can use of. Yup! Check out where it was awarded as the best web hosting provider of 2010! Wow! Cool!

Their services are all in one! From the rating of the top web hosting companies, where the have the web hosting reliability, support and pricing details. They also posts real testimonials from clients and reviews from users or website owners that have tried such web hosting services. So what else can we ask for? Nothing more, right?

That’s why, I sent an email to my friend Justin who has been bugging me to help him find the best web hosting services in the world wide web. You see, he just bought a domain and was planning to enter the world of blogging. But of course, I told him to read more and post more before he becomes a full professional blogger. I also told him to start his blog first with a free hosted blog like blogger. But because of his excitement he asked me if I can help him find a web hoster for his first ever website. Anyways, I’ll be buzzing him in awhile about this great news, if ever he hasn’t check his email yet.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Dress for Me :)

I’m currently in search for women's dresses right now. You see, it’s been a long time since I bought a dress either off or online. That’s why I thought that today is the best time to buy. It will be my last gift to myself as an employee because by next week I’ll be a housewife.

Here’s one of the dresses I saw that interest me.

Beautiful isn’t? I think this dress will definitely fit my body. Hopefully, I could have it by the end of the month. :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bag Seller

Now that I’m staying home, one of my plans is to join online auction. Yup! I’ll be selling my branded bags online so that I could convert them to cash and used them as our house budget. It’s better to be practical nowadays than to suffer from not eating. Besides I really can’t use all of them anymore because I won’t be going out everyday to flaunt them. Lol!

Shifting to a New Level

As some you know, I’ll be a SAHM in the coming days. With that, I thought of searching some health care careers online that I thought I can study. I've seen some but I’m still in doubt of their credibility but will inquire soon about their trainings. I’m doing this because I felt that I should make a career change now for working as an Accountant is not really in my blood. Well, just a thought! :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Package!

Hi guys, how's life?

If your asking my side, I'm doing just fine. Actually, I'm quit ecstatic as of this moment because my SIL called me informing us that a package from her will come next week! Which means lots of chocolates and cool stuffs again from Canada. But what really made me sigh is the fact that she bought my son Aj a Nintendo wii! lol!

Well, I don't exactly know why she bought the game console for my boy who barely knew how to use it but nonetheless I'm still happy and thankful for the gift. I bet hubby is much happier because he'll be the one using the Nintendo! lol! :) Anyways, with that thanks a lot Sis! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nice Move

Hi guys! I’m up and browsing the internet early this morning for I was ask by my dad to call his Outer Banks homes agent. He told me that he cannot contact the agent as he has so many questions to ask before reserving a unit. Wow! I didn’t know he was planning to own one of those but of course, I was happy for it for it will be very beneficial to us especially when we plan to have a grand vacation.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Want a Shih Tzu!

My friend Jean called me a while ago. She was asking me if I know an online store that offers cheap dog beds. Yup! She’s planning to buy a dog bed for her new baby Shih Tzu. She sent me a photo of her new puppy and I was really amazed on its cuteness! He was like a stuff toy dog with a lot of fur! He’s so cuddly and adorable! Oh, if only I could have a dog like (with hubby’s permission) I will surely give him the best care and best things a dog could ever have! :)

The Attack

My brother is being attack by acne again and he really hates it! Does this mean he has to change his dermatologists again or should he consult her again about acne? Urgh! When topics about skin issues, my brother is a sure top grosser. You see, amongst my siblings my brother Mike has the most consultation issues on derma clinics. I never thought that as late as now, he will still have acnes on his face.

Well, I’m not really an expert but I guess he got them from poor eating diet. I think when someone eats unhealthy foods and have bad eating habits. They will surely get poor skin too, right? Oh well, I guess we have to call his derma again tomorrow for a schedule.

Christmas Gift Ideas

“Its Christmas!” that’s what my son always says before he goes to bed and he keeps on telling that I should give him a gift and his mom as well. Oh men is that really a pressure on me because for I haven’t got any christmas gift ideas for my wife! I know, I’m a bad husband for saying that, but what I really meant was I really want something special to give this Christmas for my loving wife.

Any suggestion guys?

On Supplements

My cousin’s wife will give birth to their first baby boy this coming November and they are so excited and nervous at the same time to see their baby because finally they will have one! You see it took them eight long years for this moment. Thanks to some testosterone supplements that the doctor gave to my cousin Lito which he took for at least a month and it really worked! I’m really glad that they will become a parent soon! Congrats kuya! :)

Muscle Building

Building muscles is no joke you must be really dedicated if you really want to achieve the body that you desire and most people spend most of their time in the gym just to achieve that. And with all those cardio exercise and heavy lifting they do their muscles will really feel tired and sore. Good thing, muscle building supplements are there to save the day and the soaring body. With their aid one will surely achieve the muscles that they want for their body. Check out some articles and reviews to know more about it. :)

The Benefits of Multivitamins

It’s the first week of the month meaning we need to go back to the hospital because it is my mother in law’s regular monthly medical check up. After she was hospitalized for having a weak body and for not eating well her doctor gave her a multivitamin for her to recover immediately. Good thing, the vitamins gave her a health boosts and has replenished most of his energy. Thank God she’s well now, at least we won’t have to worry about her health this time.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday | Friends having Fun

More wordless photos here -