Friday, July 30, 2010

Swisher Sweets

As some of you know my husband loves to smoke. Yup! He’s into it since the day I met him. He promised me before that he will quit the habit on his 30th birthday which is a few days from now. Yipeey!

So for him to prepare him for the big day, I bought him lots of candies that smells and taste like Swisher Sweets. At least with these candies he still have the joy of cigars while munching them and at the end of the day he won’t even notice that he hasn’t sip any cigarettes from his pocket. :)

Hope this works! :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kulasa Days

Just want to share a glimpse of my past. :)

This is me -------\!/

One of my HS classmates tag me with this photo at Facebook and the bad news - she has more horrifying photos to share that she swear to upload really soon!Lol! :)

Anyways, maybe you guys saw the big transformation from a HS tomboy to a sexy mom! Kapal!lol! ;)

~ Please bear in mind that this is me with my shortest hair ever! :) You can see more here. :) ~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Miss You Canon!

I miss my Canon camera! :(

It’s been a while since my last click with my Rebel Xti.

I really miss taking pictures using it. Like taking a shot of the foods that my hubby and I usually munch. Going to secluded spots on our backyard just to capture some interesting insects (hubby’s favorite) and also taking photos of my son’s wacky moments.

I don’t understand why we stop taking pictures but I think it has something to do with the comfort of bringing it outdoors. You see, our dslr is a little bulky and we need to bring a separate cam bag for it. With the compact digital camera, you can always take pictures because you can bring it anywhere and anytime because it’s comfy size and weight. But of course, if you want quality photos and great close-up shots you can definitely depend on a DSLR right?

Just look at these cool shots we did with our Canon DSLR. :)

What do you think? :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Kate Spade Wedge

As I’ve said on my post here. I really want to buy a new pair but I was having a hard time finding one.

So I tried browsing the web and fortunately stumbled on Faye’s blog. And here’s what I found:

~ Kate Spade Wedge ( photos by Faye ) ~

I know this is not exactly the one I’m looking for but I think I can consider this pair. Lol!:) I just hope she has my! :)

To see more of Faye’s loots ( shoes, bags, wallet and many more ) you visit her blog here. ;)

God Wants Me To Know


Got this one from Facebook ( addik! ) :)

Hmmm... I really hope I will harvest the best fruits of my life very soon. :)

Just sharing... :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

My New Babies

Yup! Not only one but I have two new babies and I got them from Faye & Caryl. Thanks ladies! :)

My first ever Long Champ from Caryl. :)

Love it! Especially their color! The LC lime gray color is so perfect for me because I usually ruined my bags with dirt because of over usage. Lol! But because of its dusty color, the dirt is barely unnoticeable! ;) This is currently my every day bag that I usually use at the office and at the mall.

What makes this bag one of my favorite is it’s so handy, easy to clean and spacious. Love it and I want one more! :)

And my first ever (and might be the only one) Gucci from Faye. Lol! :)

I was hesitant at first to purchase this baby because it’s a bit pricey compared to the old babies I had but when I held it the first time, it felt so fab. Lol! :) I love detail of the G and the color as well. This is definitely one of my best bags!:)

So, what do you think about my new addictions?lol! ;)

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Cream that Works

Hi peeps!

Does anyone here know where I can buy an acne scar removal treatment cream? I don’t actually need it, I just have to buy one for my brother.

Yup, it’s for my brother again. I think I’ve mentioned it before that he’s undergoing an acne treatment or somewhat like that and fortunately, he’s doing well with the treatment. Now as of my last update with him, he needs a cream for maintenance and for his scars.

Oh well, if you know or tried a product that really eliminates or lessens acne scars just buzz me. Thanks! ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple Bottom

Looking for the best short to carry your bottom? Well, look no further for I have found a site that will surely give you and your body the best boost ever. :) is an online shop that gives you the freedom to choose because of the variety of products they offer. And to mention a few are their cool sneakers and shorts.

Just like this Ride the Wave short w/ apple bottom.

This one will surely enhance my flat bottom. Lol! :)

Cool Bonding Time

My cousin Jen and I decided to take a day off next week and have our usual bonding time. Where to you ask? Well, Jen told me that she’s planning to buy some wholesale lots on a have-it all store where we can buy cheaper appliances and clothes.

Hmmm sounds interesting huh?

She’s been telling me about this since last week and I thought it was just a store that we can go to like the usual stalls on malls but I was wrong. It was actually an
online shop that we can browse on. Cool! Less hassle on traffic and handling, right?

So, this means we'll just stay inside her house for the whole day huh? :)

Friday, July 9, 2010


Urgh! Pops –ups are really making me crazy!

Yup, I’m having them again and I really don’t know how to get rid of them. Urgh! Every time I open a page on the internet these pop ups appear like mushrooms on the bush and keep on sprouting and sprouting! Most of them are all about weight loss products, free screen savers etc..

Well, I don’t need those for my pc and I’m kinda worried that these pop ups are viruses from the web. Oh no I hope not! Help! :(

Hydroxycut Advanced

Have you heard about hydroxycut advanced?

Well, as for me I haven’t heard about not until this morning when my SIL uttered the word. I think the word was all about this weight loss regimen that she’s planning to use to slim down. Uhh.. The whole word itself was kinda scary for me so I tried searching for reviews about the product to inform or at least warn my SIL about any side effects ( if any ).

Well, it’s better to be sure than to be sorry, right?

So, I’ll be off blogging in a moment for this new task. :)

A Little Help

Hi guys! How’s everyone here?

Well, I’m up early morning because my brother Mike just called me and was asking me if I have a dermatologist friend. Why? He wants to continue his skin therapy and is trying to find the best treatment for acne. Well, I think most of the people here have the same problems about acne, right?

Hmmm.. Oh well, I have no choice but to help him find the right dermatologist and the best product for his skin. :)

Cheaper Auto Insurance

Does anyone here know where I can get a discount auto insurance?

My husband has been bugging me about the auto insurance I promised him to search before he renews his registration. But because of my busy schedule I haven’t found any reliable insurance agency to cover our car. Urgh! I'm hoping to find a cheaper policy but I haven't found any.

This searching thing is making my life stressful even more. I just hope I could finish my loads and have the time to look for one.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank God

I was browsing the web this morning hoping to find an electronic cigarette that would give my lungs a break against second hand smoke. You see my hubby has been smoking for several years now and I can’t seem to find ways to stop him from his bad habit.

I’ve done everything to make him stop his nasty habit but unfortunately I always loose the game. That’s why I thought of buying him an electronic cigarette that will give him the same smoky feel minus the smoke. Yup! I never thought something like this exists but thank God it does! Lol! :)