Friday, April 30, 2010

Couples Shirt

I’m on the move for some shopping fun again but this time I can only afford a little cash out.
So, other than the bag which costs less than my previous bags, I thought of buying some couple’s shirts for me and hubby. :)

Here are the styles I’ve seen so far ..

What do you think guys? Are they worth buying? They only cost about $8 a pair. I’ve been lurking the malls for days now but I can’t seem to find any couple’s shirt so I opted on online shopping (well, I did that while doing a research on Texas Truck accident lawyer for my Uncle Bert). Multi-tasking noh! lol! :

Anyways, Do any of you here knows where I can buy such shirts? :)

Tasty! :)

I was browsing the web this morning for insurance quotes when I came across this baby. :)

Longchamp Le Pliage Medium Tote, Thistle

Yes it’s another bag but not from Coach this!

I would really want to have a Le Pliage a long time ago but I had second thoughts. Well, because Coach was more alluring to me at that time. But this time I want something new in my life and it wouldn’t hurt if I try shift to something different, right? hahaha. I hope I could own this baby with the help of my ever helpful and kind (& wealthy) friend Faye. Thanks sis! (in advance).. :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gargle it Away!

What are the causes of bad breath? Most bad breath originates in your mouth.

The causes of bad breath are numerous.

They include: Foods that you take, dental problems, dry mouth, disease, tobacco products and severe dieting. That’s why it’s just best to prevent these causes for you not to have bad breath. On the other hand, for those who have the foul odor there are lots of bad breath treatment that you can try to cure this unwanted illness.

Check out the web for more information and tips so you can get rid of it asap! It’s a must I tell you. :)

MIL's New Business

My mother in law is on the move again!

Hmm, what do I mean about that? Well, she’s on the move with his new business again and this time she’s selling herbal slimming pills! :)

She actually got the idea from a friend who came home last week from the US, she went to my MIL’s house and offered her to be one of her agent. I thought it was a bad idea getting into it because I really thought that the stuffs are related to any networking scams or something. But I was wrong, the pills where manufactured by a company that her friend co-owned.

Anyways, I sure hope that my MIL could sell a lot of it so that she could give us some loot from her profit! Lol! :)

I Need a Race!

I’m on the hunt again for stainless steel drums!

Yeah, another requirement for our new plant and honestly, I really don’t know what position I really posses in terms of my tasks. Lol! Sometimes, I do my primary tasks which are in the finance department then I also do some administrative stuff and quite recently I’m into purchasing. Urgh!

I think my boss should really consider my flexibility and give me a race, right?
Hmm.. we’ll see in the coming weeks if that wish will be realized. :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dream Career

My cousin Lara is currently studying in a cosmetology school in Wisconsin. Apparently, she did persued her long-time dream of being a beauty specialist and builds her own beauty shop near her house.

I still remember when we were young, we usually played pretend in their house where I usually pretend to be a teller in a bank and her being my beautician. True enough are pretensions came true in a way. I finished a degree in Accountancy and now having a career in the finance industry and Lara is on her way of becoming the greatest beauty expert in our family. Oh well, I wish she could finish her course smoothly and hope to see her with celebrities as well. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cool Gadget

My brother Noel showed me his newly purchased slingbox.

Yeah, a slingbox. I really have no idea what that gadget do and I really haven’t seen one not until last night. Well, for your information a Slingbox is a TV streaming device that enables users to remotely view their home's cable, satellite, or personal video recorder programming from an Internet-enabled computer with a broadband Internet connection.

Cool huh?

Now we can watch any tv show from our cable thru our pc even outside the convenient of our home. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Big Time Diet

Do phentermine diet pills really work?

Well, my Auntie Sharon is planning to take a pill of this because she really wants to slim down her weight. She’s currently weighing 170 pounds at a height of 5’2”, obviously she’s overweight. She also decided to trim it because of some health issues. You see, diabetes runs in her family so as much as she wanted to eat lots of foods.

She couldn’t and should not, or else she might get in trouble big time!


Have you ever heard about youthology?

Well as for me, I don’t know anything about it. Lol!
So as a backgrounder let me share its definition that I found while browsing the web. Youthology is one among many claiming to provide instant wrinkle reducing results. But they claim to make you look 10 years younger in just 90 seconds, even claiming to have real pictures and real customer testimonials, even though they don’t technically list any customer testimonials.


I thought of posting this one because my friend Shenel keeps on bugging me of what this word really means. :)

Extra Income

Do any of you here want an extra income working from home?

Well, I know one way to earn and that is blogging! I started blogging last 2007and since then I love every bit of it. At about 3 months I started inquiring about pro-blogger or earning while blogging. Fortunately, my bloggy buddies are kind enough to lend me a hand.

I blogged and blogged until more clients came in and with the glory o f God I was able to earn well to the point of purchasing my very first digital camera. Sweet huh?! More purchasing went on coming and till this day I’m still learning and earning. :)

That’s why blogging will always be a memorable discovery that I will never ever forget in my lifetime! Hope you will too. :)

Health Buff

I was browsing the web about the commercial fitness equipment that my brother asks me to check. He told me that his friend Paul purchased a new treadmill at this site at a very cheap price.

Actually, my brother Noel is planning to purchase his first ever treadmill this month but he’s having second thought that’s why he ask me to check it out first.
Anyways, I really hope I can help him decide with this one. Good luck to us!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Working on Holidays

Its holiday again today and I’m at the office doing some paper works! Urgh It hurts! Also I still have to print the accutane reviews that my SIL asks me to print.

Oh well, I really can’t do anything about it because this is the work I chosen to live with, I do have a choice to look for a more convenient job but I chose not to look and apply because I love where I am right now because of my co-employees which fortunately become my best buds. But you know what really made me stay? It’s the unlimited access I have on the internet! Lol! Bisyo! :)

Wanted: Eye Cream

I’ve been looking for some eye creams lately because I really want to get rid of my dark circles as well as the fine lines on the side. Does anyone of you here know where I can buy the best eye cream? I hope someone can give me some advice.

You see, it’s been months since I started treating my dark circles but nothing seems to lighten it. I got this from stress and late sleeping due to Facebook. Urgh! I just hate this! :(

I hope you can help me with my dilemma. :(

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Time To Invest

I had a chat with my uncle Albert last night, he was planning to invest his pension on something worth investing. I suggested the last time I had a chit chat with him that he should try investing on minerals like gold, silver and diamonds.

He thought that the whole mineral investing was costly and he’s right it is, but the end result of all the cost could accumulate more assets to him than expense. So, last night he finally decided that it’s time to buy gold bullion. He ask me to help him find the best shop where he can purchase and invest immediately.

Anyways, I’m still on the hunt but I think will give me more information. :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Clay Art

I just want to share a very interesting art that my friend has learned from her long vacation away from schooling.

She’s actually a multi-media art student at De La Salle College of St. Benilde and apart from her usual digi-art she thought of devoting herself to ease her boredom by making cute stuffs through clays.

Here are some of her works.

Totally cool, right? :)

Just look how small they are..

It only means that creating one needs lots of energy and patience huh?

I really admire my friend’s creativity. She really has a lot overflowing inside her petite body. I wish I could produce something like this in the future as well (after I finish practicing of course) I could feel that this art can generate “me” more income soon. Lol! ;)

Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Sport

I’ve been browsing the web for equestrian apparel since 8 this morning but unfortunately I haven’t found a decent site where I can buy a gift or two for my cousin who loves riding horses.:)

You see, one of my cousins (on my father’s side) is currently on training on horses and when we had a chat she said that she plans to make it a sport and train for it seriously. Now, her 21st birthday will be next week and I thought of giving her a gift that will surely surprise her. Ohh.. I really hope I can buy her something for her new sport.

Wish me luck! :)