Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Family Tradition for New Year's Eve

Guest post written by my buddy Franklin Davenport

Our family has a special way we celebrate New Year's Eve every year. After setting our home security alarm from, my husband and our two children drive over to my parents' house for a delicious spaghetti dinner. My mother cooks a rich spaghetti sauce and prepares garlic bread that is just fabulous. My husband and I usually contribute the salad and a dessert to the meal. I try to find a new dessert recipe that everyone will enjoy each New Year's Eve. Later, while the kids play video games, the four adults play a game of either gin rummy or bridge. While we all enjoy playing the games, the best part of the evening's celebration is getting caught up with family and sharing fun memories. I know that my children will remember the time spent at grandma and grandpa's house. At about ten o'clock, everyone sits down to watch a classic movie. We are usually in the mood to watch a comedy from the 0930's or '40's. In years past, the kids would generally fall asleep before midnight arrived. However, now that they are approaching their teenage years, they are still wide-awake at midnight. My mother gets out her homemade punch so we can all make a toast to the New Year. I hope that our quiet family celebration will continue for many years to come.