Saturday, December 25, 2010

Cole Haan Wallet Shopping Sale at

Oh my! I can’t believe that Christmas has already ended! Time really flies so fast nowadays that’s why I’m a little bit anxious about me giving birth again. Well, I really want to have a second child next year but when I think about how painful it is to deliver a child, my heart suddenly stops and begins to pump out blood fast. In short, I’m really scared about the whole thing, especially now that I know how it feels. Urgh!

That’s why my only option to stop thinking about my pregnancy and delivery, I tried to lure myself to online shopping. Yup! I really want to shop and need to shop to forget about the pain. Lol! Shopping is not an excuse because I consider it as my reliever. Anyways, I really need a wallet right now because my old Coach wallet has been sold and I’m currently wallet less. So to fill in the gap, I’m planning to buy a Cole Haan Crosby Slim wallet.

Good thing this wallet is on SALE! Now, my guilt feeling will be lifted because of that. Lol! ;)