Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wise Enough

I’m currently searching the website of a beauty school in Phoenix. Well, as usual one of our relatives needs my help again for she really needs to know the curriculum of a beauty school that her boyfriend plans to enroll her. Yup! Her boyfriend will pay all tuition fee and other expenses for her enrollment in this beauty school. It was actually my cousin Zel who asked my help about this.

At first she was really happy and excited about the news her boyfriend uttered but when she got to her senses she thought of checking out the school first before charging in. Well, maybe she just wants to make sure that her boyfriend’s money won’t go to waste. And also she doesn’t want to waste her time studying beauty stuffs on school that is not renowned as reputable. Well, I can’t blame her, many beauty schools nowadays charms many people but don’t provide the knowledge and certificate they need. Good thing, my cousin was wise enough to check it out.