Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Great Career Online

While doing some online stuffs this morning , I thought of opening my facebook to take a peek on what’s new in the world of social networking. Suddenly, one of my long time co-workers buzzed me. He was one of our production supervisors then and quite luckily he’s not doing great in UK with his wife and children. He buzzed just to ask me how I was doing, he got the news that I just resigned from our employer and he was a bit shock when he learned about it.

Well, I just told him that I need a greener pasture and growth and because our former employer couldn’t give that to us I might as well withdraw. Anyways, because of what he heard, he told me that he know something that help might us both. It’s a work at home business that he recently discovered. I told him to give me the link and give me some information about it. He emailed me the links of the online affiliate programs that he’s into and he’ll be willing to orient me about it when he has the time. I just hope that this will be the start of a great career online other than blogging. :)


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