Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Cash in an Instant

My friend Cyril buzzes me a while ago, she was asking me if I can help her find some fast loans that she can apply on. You see, she really needs cash this moment because her mom is currently at the hospital and she needs them for the operations as well as the medications after that. Her mom has goiter and the doctor said they need to pull it out before the toxins get into her system. That’s why a day after that they immediately confined her mom without any money on their pocket. Good thing, her payday is only a few days to go so she can at least apply at any fast payday loans before they day of discharge. But apparently, the lending institution has been closed for several days now, that is why I told her to check on some online payday loans where she can apply in an instant. Oh well, I just hope she succeeds and hopefully her mom get well soon!