Saturday, September 18, 2010

Takuyaki | Dare to Try?

It’s Sunday once again! Time to spend the day with my family and blogs. Lol! :)

Yup! It’s only on Sunday that I can get enough time for my blog updates but of course that’s not a whole day obligation. My primary task on this day is to spend a quality time with my boys.

Just like what we did this morning, we pulled our inflatable pool outside for a swim. Aj enjoyed the splash for it has been months since we played with it. In a little while, we’ll be driving to the mall to eat Takuyaki.;)

Yup! Its hubby’s favorite and (I think )I do not really like it. Lol! Why? Because it’s an octopus dish! Eww! I haven’t eaten an octopus since the day I was born! But hubby said it is yummy so I might take a little bite later after we’re done buying the acne lotion of my SIL.

Here’s how it looks.

Looks delish, I just hope I can swallow! :)