Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Movie Date

It’s Sunday once again and it’s my free day! :)

I planned to blog all day for I have so many updating to do but because the husband is too bored to stay at home we decided to watch a movie after lunch.

We thought of watching this.

~ Resident Evil : AfterLife ~

We’ve watch the “infection”, “apocalypse” and “extinction” so it means we have to watch this too to complete the saga. Though we’re still having second thoughts of watching it because I hate watching a movie in 3D. Yup! I’m not into 3D flicks because it makes me uncomfortable and somewhat dizzy. I’m not use to wearing glasses when a watch a movie maybe that’s the reason behind that but nonetheless I just want to watch in a simple mode.

Now, we’re hoping that we can catch this flick in a non 3D mode on other theaters if not, we might just buy our groceries and go home after that. Wish us luck! :)


Nita said...

Gusto ko talaga ang Resident Evil! In fact, I watched it a lot! Kahit paulit ulit di talaga ako nagsasawa LOL. Addicted much?