Saturday, September 25, 2010

Accutane Lawsuit

As I’ve said earlier, I was browsing the internet for an assignment that my dad asks me to accomplish. But as I was about to open a website about it, I came across an article about Accutane lawsuit.

I never thought that Accutane can have devastating effects on ones health. Well, I first heard about it from a friend who was planning to buy and take it as his acne treatment. He asks me some advice about it and good thing, I told him to read reviews and testimonies first or ask a dermatologist about it. Good thing, his dermatologist told him not to take such for the treatment is still under evaluation. A few weeks after upon consulting, news and articles like what I’m reading right now is condemning Accutane. This called vitamin can cause bowel movement diseases and due to the prominent effects of this treatment, lawyers were hired to settle severe cases of this dangerous substance. Oh my, thank God my friend was saved from it. Now, time to check out this article on Trasylol lawsuit.