Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Homemade Hot Oil

The hair is the crowning glory of every human, especially women. That’s why it is very important that we take good care of it. One of the most famous and most effective hair treatments that will make your hair shiny and soft is hot oil.

But what will you do if you don’t have enough money to have the treatment?

If you can’t afford luxurious hair treatments or don’t have time to run to a salon, make your own at-home oil treatment.

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 teaspoons jojoba oil
1 teaspoon soybean oil

How to prepare it:

Mix jojoba and soybean oil then use a stove or microwave to warm the mixture gently on low heat. Test its temperature on your inner forearm. Massage mixture into your hair thoroughly. Wrap hair in a hot towel or cover with shower cap or plastic wrap for 15 minutes or longer. Shampoo and rinse thoroughly.

That’s it and when your done, you’ll have visibly shinier and softer hair. :)


Pblacksaw said...

I will be trying this I have long hair and with this summer heat it gets dry quickly.. Have a great day!