Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sky Watch Friday : Morning Sun

It’s Friday and its Skywatch time! :)

I haven’t had the time to capture more skies lately with my new camera but I’m planning to get back on track to show some more exciting and fabulous skies for all of you next week. :)

For now, I’m leaving you with the glimpse of the morning sun..

Have a great weekend! :)

More skies here. :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday : Collections

More photos here.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Surprise Halloween Party

Hey guys! Guess what?

My friends and I thought of having our own Halloween party this weekend and exclusively for us and our kids. You see most of us are married and have kiddo that’s why we thought of having a little reunion this Halloween.
Actually, the whole event has been planned by my friends two weeks ago and I was caught by surprise when I received the invitation this morning. :)

It was somewhat like this.

Cute ey? My friend actually got this at, I tried browsing the site and there were lots of stuffs in there. They have birthday, baptism, wedding invitations and even Christmas cards to complete the package.

Well, as for me, I might try browsing some Christmas cards as part of my gift giving this Christmas. :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

Photo Hunt : TIED

My entry for this week’s photohunt.

Just a macro shot by yours truly while my husband is busy fixing my laptop and wirings. :)

More photos here.

Full Family Time

Last weekend after going to the mall, my family decided to have our lunch at Max’s Restaurant.

We had some stuff that really made be full and thought of having my colon cleanse.

Here are the foodies …

~ Everyone’s favorite Max’s Fried Chicken ~

~ Sinigang na Hipon ( Hubby’s favorite ) ~

~ Kare-Kare ( My favorite ) ~

~ Chopsuey ( Mom’s Fave ) ~

This is really one of my favorite resto since I was a child and until now it never fails to make me burp! We really had a fab lunch and a grand day! :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kenneth Cole Flats

They are here! :)

~ My Kenneth Cole Flats ~

This is actually a late post because I got the package weeks ago and this was my only chance to post them here.

Anyways, I actually love every bit of them. They really look so sexy on my feet. You see, I actually have fat foot and wearing this pair looks like my feet drank some weight loss pills. Lol! Not only that, they also made my feet looks fairer than their usual color.

So, wouldn’t that make me love these flats more? ;)

Enhancing My Skills

How’s everyone here? I hope you’re all fine, as with me I’m super busy at work and no internet connection at home. Booo! ;(

Good thing, we spent our weekend at our house in Floridablanca where our dsl connection is still active.

That’s why it’s update time for me! :)

First let me show you some of the photos I captured with my Canon EOS Rebel Xti..

What can you say about the pics? I’m still learning and trying to enhance my “photography skills”. Maybe in a month or two I might try studying photography online. What do you think?

Anyways, I’m off to reading some fat burners review and email them to my cousin Shamel who has been asking me to help her for her research. ;) See you later! :)

Coupon Fever

Hey guys! Guess what?

I accidentally a found a coupon that is being offered for a limited only.

Yeah, I’m actually about to reveal the Medifast coupon code for me to avail the coupon but our connection is killing. I’m not sure if my laptop is having problems loading the pages because of a virus or because it’s a result of over playing cafĂ© world and Farmville. lol!

Oh well, I just have to wait and maybe in a while the coupon will appear. Wish me luck! :)

Collector's Item

Are you a coin collector and looking for rare coins?

Well, Monaco Rare Coin offers a unique, vast and impressive array of resources for collectors and investors alike. They have been a part of the MOnex family of companies and have been renowned for their precious metals investments for 40 years now. They have the finest rare coins that any collector wouldn’t fail to love.

My Uncle Rudy has been collecting coins and toy cars for the past 20 years now and I think he would be delighted to know that a precious metal company is currently offering one of his favorite and precious collections. We’ll be meeting him in a while and we’ll definitely invite him to view their page and I hope he can buy me one of those rare coins as well, not as a collection but a souvenir from Monaco. Lol! ;)

Hmm knowing him.. It would take lots of blood to convince him! Lol! ;)

The Husband's Photography

I just want to share some photos that my hubby captured while waiting for me to hop in a car after an exhausting Friday at work.

What do you think about his shots? Cool huh?

Actually, he has been clicking our lsr more than I did since the day we purchased the gadget. Lol! It’s pretty obvious that he’s more excited than I am noh?

It’s good that he loves photography as well, at least he won’t have to go out every weekend with his friends just to feed his hobby. Peace! Lol! :)


Your Beauty Element is Earth

You are the epitome of a natural beauty. Your look is definitely effortless.

While you shy away from a lot of make-up and accessories, you're no granola girl either!

You keep your beauty routine simple and clean. You would never cover up your beauty.

And since you use so few products, you can really splurge on the stuff you love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Freebies! ;)

Looking for free coupons?

Well, you better read this post a little further for you to have one! I was browsing the web this morning when I came across this great site that offers different kinds of coupons! Yes! You heard it right, the coupons for free!

You see I got my very first Heels coupon just this morning for this great site and I’m planning to purchase my very first kid black shoe Marc from Marc Jacobs.
Look how exquisite it is!

It actually has my size and I really love the way it stands!

Anyways, I’m so excited on this purchase and I can’t wait to wear this baby! :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Hunt : SPORTS

My hubby is very athletic. When he was in high school he was a basketball varsity player in his school. Then when he entered college he changes his sport and became a volleyball varsity player of the university.

Now here’s the new him with his new sports..

Airsoft ...

Last year he had join many Airsoft tournaments together with his teammates STAG.

Biking ...

He only does the sport with his friends and only as his past time or just to unwind. :)

More photo hunt here.

Lie To Me

1. Can you tell when someone is lying to you?
+ Yes, I do. You can usually see it in their eyes or thru his/her body gestures or if the lie is somewhat serious and long term you can see the weight loss that has occurred due to lack of sleep or appetite! ;)

2. Tell us about one of your flaws. Do you live with it or try to correct it?
+ Like most of us, I usually say “white lies” to please or not to hurt the person’s feeling. Yeah, I’m trying to avoid it because truth is better for one’s improvement, right?

3. When was the last time you laughed hard and what struck you as funny?
+ Just yesterday, when my office mates and I had some chitchat! :)

4. Tell us about a time when you should have tried harder.
+ I really can’t remember.

5. If you won the lottery, what would you buy first?
+ A house and lot! ;)

6. What movie do you know every word to?
+ The Incredibles! Because of my son who’s watching the same flick almost everyday! ;)

7. What was the best thing that happened to you this week?
+ I got lots of opps and I bought a new Canon EOS. :)

8. What was the worst thing that happened to you this week?
+ Delays at work.. ;(

9. What do you think is the biggest difference between men and women?
+ None? ;)

More answers here.

My New Canon EOS Rebel Xti

Hi guys! I’m back! :)

Again, sorry for not updating my blogs lately but since I’m back I just want to tell you guys that I’ve finally purchased the cam I wanted!

Here it is..

My new Canon EOS Rebel Xti .. :)

So sweet ey!

Here are some sample photos of this lovely thing. :)

Can’t wait to have capture more photos and I am so excited of purchasing more lenses as well! ;P

Seriously Sexy

My cousin Kyla has been overweight since we were in high school and now that she’s graduating from college she’s still striving on losing weight. Apparently, she’s blaming her weight for not having a boyfriend since birth! Funny but true, somehow most guys get attracted physically first, right?

That’s why, I vowed to help her slim down and promise to look for effective fat burner pills that can help her loose those unwanted fats on her body. I just hope I can find one before the year ends.

Wish me luck! ;)

Best Hubby in The World

Do you think hubby needs an eye wrinkle cream at the age of 29?

Well, I did ask him once to buy some so he can get rid of his wrinkles but he opposed on my suggestion and said that he doesn’t need the best eye cream for wrinkles to disappear and have the perfect skin, all he needs is the love and care from his loving wife and son and everything will turn out perfect!

Touching.. (*sniff*).. :,)

Plasma Mounts

My brother Mike just bought a brand new plasma tv.

He thought of buying a new one as a birthday gift to himself. He was actually planning on buying a flat tv only but when he went to the appliance store he saw a plasma tv on sale! He saw that he can afford it so he purchased it!

Now, he’s waiting for some plasma mounts brochure that his supplier promise to give today with the corresponding discounts because of the acquisition of the plasma tv. :)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Wise Decision

Have you decided on having a life insurance or not?

Well, with the ever changing world that our life is in, it’s just wise for one to prepare and have her life insured. Especially, if you have dependents that need your support and care, having a life insurance is the best thing to do.

Now, if you have decided but not sure of where to go then try seeking the web to easily compare life insurance packages. With that on hand you can decide what and where to get secured. ;)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Melt Down

My friend Agnes is looking for weight loss supplements. Any suggestions?

Well, I myself can’t give her any idea because my ordeal is the opposite of! :) She wants to get thin while I’m on the move of accumulating more weight. :)

Anyways, she currently weighs around 185 pounds and for a 5 feet and 3 inches woman she definitely need some melt down, right? ;)