Saturday, September 26, 2009

Flash News : Typhoon Ondoy

I just got home from work and thank God we arrived safely. My boss told us to go home early this afternoon because of the heavy rains and winds of Typhoon Ondoy.

Typhoon Ondoy just passed the province of Pampanga here in the Philippines a while ago at 2 pm. And God when I turn on the television and saw the news everything I saw and heard was horrifying!

Just look at this image:

It’s been weeks since the last typhoon ( I think ) and today was like 30 days of rainfall poured for just 6 hours! Many people are now affected with the storm and almost everybody is devastated of what happen. And just a few hours ago President Arroyo declared 26 areas in Luzon including Metro Manila, under a state of calamity due to floods caused by tropical storm Ondoy.

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro said the provinces placed under a state of calamity were Aurora, Quirino, Nueva Viscaya, Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan, Tarlac, Zambales, Pampanga, Bulacan, Rizal, Quezon, Isabela, Mountain Province, Ifugao, Benguet, La Union, Ilocos Sur, Cavite, Batangas, Mindoro Occidental, Mindoro Oriental, Marinduque, Camarines Norte, Bataan and Metro Manila.

Hope that this calamity will end soon this evening so that many people will be save and be safe. Let’s pray…

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sky Watch Friday

I'm returning with one of my favorite sky photo…

It’s been a long time since I took a photo of the sky and reminiscing my old shots makes me feel light and breezy. :)

Anyways, I do hope I can purchase my new camera this month and start shooting again. :)

More skywatchers here.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Belly Fat :)

This is me with my belly fat … :)

This photo was shot last July after my birthday treat. When I was still young and sweet ( eww! ) my waist line was around 22 to 24 inches. But when I got married and especially after giving birth the fats on my belly was as hard headed as my little boy! Lol!:) Sad to say they just don’t go away easily.

Now, after 3 years of being a mom I still have these belly fats and I’m still on the verge of eliminating them. Urgh! :(

Monday, September 21, 2009

Distracted with Facebook

For 3 days I’ve been logging in on the web for me to finish some online tasks and update my blogs. As you all know 3 days of being online can do so much for a blogger but unfortunately what happen was the other way around. Why? Because I was too busy with Facebook! Lol! :)

Everytime I’m online I just can’t help but peek in to FB! To the point of having more time in that social site than doing my blogging tasks! Lol! Urgh! :) I enjoyed chatting and reading updates from my old friends and colleagues and commenting on them just gives me the hype to comment more and update my account as well! Lol! :)

Oh well, so much for my expired tasks! :(

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free Tickets!

By October, we will be moving to my mom’s house and we plan to stay there for a month. Why?

Because my in-laws will have their vacation in Macau by that month and no one will stay home to take care of Aj. And because hubby and I have work to attend, we have no choice but stay in our mom’s house. I sure hope my in-laws will stay in Macau for a month only and hopefully no extension. Yes, you read it right, they are going to Macau and will stay at my SIL‘s house. They intended to do such for their passport to be stamped in preparation for their Canada petition.

Anyways, I ask hubby if we can join our in-laws even for a week in Macau and then go to Disneyland after that. Unfortunately, hubby didn’t approve my plan. He said that we’ll have to wait for a year or so and just visit Disney World instead in Orlando. Especially now that he’s friend Zach is working at Orlando and is willing to buy us Disney World Tickets for free! I got ecstatic and was racing my breath when he said that. That will be too awesome, right?

Now, all we have to do is save more moolah for our shopping spree. :)

Pandesal De Pugon

.. from Pan De Manila

My first glimpse of this bakery was in a cooking show (which I forgot the title). I saw how traditional the shop looks and how they convey Old Manila. When they opened a franchise near our place, I immediately bought some spreads and their famous pugon baked pandesal.

Pugon was a Filipino tradition of baking breads thru open fire and wood. The aroma of the wood mix with the bread pretty well that it gives more flavor to it.

I just love their freshly baked pandesal! The smell, the taste and the texture really blew me away. Not to mention my favorite Chocolate Con Leche that somewhat tastes like “Chocolateng Batirol”.

Overall, I love the shop and would really love to buy daily! :)

Like later, we’ll going to feast another batch of pandesal and tuna as our afternoon snack. ;)

Aj's Mini Laptop

This is actually a late post. Aj turned 3 years old last August 4 and because he was entering the age of pre-school we thought of buying him a toy that can be useful in his prep for school and for him to stay away from our laptop. ( I thought! ) ;(

We bought him a toy laptop! :)

Cute ey?

He actually loves it at first sight but got bored with it because the graphics were poor and dull.

Oh well, so much for the expectation. Next time we’ll definitely buy something more colorful and more appropriate for his age. :)

Ideals do Change

Every girl dreams of having their dream wedding.

They want everything to be perfect from their destination weddings, reception, flowers, and entourage and of course their prince.

I once dreamed of a having a exquisite garden wedding with lots of flowers around the area and with a view of the beach or the open sky and a relaxing honeymoon at the beach where we can see the sunset and just lie down on the sand and watch the stars at night while the salt water touches our feet. I also wish of spending a night at Karisma Hotel & Resort where my hubby and I can have a luscious Jacuzzi night after drinking some glasses of margarita. ;) I really hoped everything about my dream will come true when the special day comes.

I was once like that but when I was about to get married, everything that is ideal to me changed. When I got to know my hubby, I know he was the one I want to marry and when we we’re together we just thought that having a simple wedding is enough for us. In short, we were too giddy to be one and just be married at that time. Until now we have no regrets! :)

Maybe that’s the real meaning of soul mates huh?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Loots! Loots! Loots!

My loots are here!

And yes I got them from Faye again! Lol! :)

I so love the Zoe brown wallet and the Hampton bag as well. Though the Zoe bag is really pretty and I love how it hugs my shoulder. The only thing was the bag was a little huge for my physique. Anyways, I still love them all! Lol! :)

Btw, I bought a Coach fabric cleaner as well to sweep away some unwanted dirt or dusts of the bags. I just hope I can use it correctly. :)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wacky Duo

Have you seen my boys lately?

Well, they are just fine… and very much a like! :)

I’m too busy at work that I haven’t had the time to really update my blogs! Things are quite different now. Different in the sense that I can’t delay my office tasks anymore! Lol! :)

For now, I’ll leave you with some wacky sight of my son and hubby! :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Everybody Loves SALE!

Looks familiar? Well, this was SM Pampanga last Aug 30 ( mall sale! ) and I was there para makipagsiksikan! Hahaha.. I actually bought 4 blouses and 2 pants for myself! Lol!

Just look at the crowd…

Who said Filipinos are poor?! Lol! :)

Everybody love sale! :)

Diet Reviews

My friend Sheryl has been gaining weight fast. Well, I think most pregnant women do experience some rapid weight gain, right? But of course, a preggo can’t diet pill for that matter because it is not proper!

Anyways, Sheryl knows that she will need some aid of losing weight after she gave birth, that’s why a early as now she has been browsing the web for reviews on diet pills that she might try afterwards.

Like just this morning, she was reading noxycut reviews and other diet pill review. She also tried joining a forum on weight loss programs. Oh well, I just hope she can find what she’s looking for and hope she find it before she gives! :)

Tuxedo Online

I have a cousin who will have their church wedding by October this year. Almost everything is settled except for the tuxedo of his husband. They already check the malls and stalls in their area but the tux that her hubby wants is not available.

That’s why I suggested that she check some online stores and one of them is I got the idea from my SIL Gail that has tried buying some polo for my FIL.

Now their problem is settled and they bought this one:

Pretty isn’t?

Disability Insurance

My officemate Romar had a motorcycle accident 2 months ago. He broke his knee and got into some knee surgery for him to walk again. He was really in pain at that moment – physically and emotionally but he really can’t do anything about it. He knows that after the surgery he still needs to undergo therapy before he can walk and work properly again.

Good thing, he had a disability insurance that he can claim while he was on leave and that he can use for his medications and therapy.

Anyways, I hope he can join us soon and work with us again. Get well soon brads..

Circle of Friends Award

I would like to thank Lorna for this awesome award.

I think it's been months since my last award and grabbing this one makes me want to blog more. Anyways, I would like to pass this one to 5 of my bloggy friends and I hope this would make their day as well.

To Faye, Milet, Vannie, Kathy and Mich. :)


My friend Robert has been rehabilitated due to drug abuse many months ago.

Now, he’s starting a new life with his wife and is now applying for work in their area. But of course, one of the pre-requisite employments of every company now is passing a drug test and as we all know passing the test is not an easy thing, especially if you’ve really taken drugs a few months. Many says that the certain substances still remains in the body and may cause the person rehabilitated to fail the test even if he had quit the whole thing months ago.

That’s why as a preventive measure, Robert decided to buy detox products. Yes, this is the only thing they thought of for him to expel all the toxins in his body and for him to pass the drug test. Oh well, I just hope he goes thru this so that he can start a new life with his new job.

Goodluck Robert!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Earn More Now

Hey guys! Want to earn more money from blogging?

Well, I just found a great site that can give you that! Yeah, by just making paid posts on your blogs or websites you can earn lots of moolah and you can maximize your blogs! Isn’t that great? Well, as for me I just had some of my posts and am looking forward for more! :)

Thanks to my online friend Mitch for giving me the idea and for lending me a hand on some stuffs. Now, I’m on the verge of convincing some friends to try it. lol! :)

So, to all my bloggy friends out there. Check this out now and see what I’m talking about. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Always Be Safe

My friend’s wife called me the other night. She told me that my friend Lino got into a motorcycle accident and is currently confined at a hospital near their house. I immediately woke hubby and told him to go there. When we got there, I saw Lino conscious and looks alright. I was relieved that he only got bruises and some slight cut. Bu when he opened his mouth to talk I saw that some of his teeth were broken. Urgh!

Luckily, his SIL was a certified Plano cosmetic dentist and he will have his surgery a month after his surgery. Gosh, that was a relief! Anyways, bottom line is always be equipped and be safe.