Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Summer Getaway '09 conti...

As posted here we went to Bataan last weekend, this was our first beach getaway this year. We went there with my co employees…

And since my hubby was their friend as well, he got wacky as expected! lol! :)

Wordless Wednesday : { Summer Weekend }

Question of the week #52

1.What are you grateful for today?
~ I'm grateful that today is cloudy and no signs of scouring summer heat within our perimeter! :)

2. Do you form your own opinions of others before you ever get the chance to meet them in person?
~ Yeah sometimes, you know how first impressions are? But they never last...

3. What would be your personalized, or vanity, license plate?
~ EDS 864 .. my nickname and hubby's and Aj's birthday (August 6 & August 4) :)

4. What’s the best thing about the village/town/city you live in?
~ We are surrounded by trees and a few roads away are mountains :) In short, Liblib talaga lugar namin!lol!

5. Have you ever been a victim of prejudice?
~ Yes, there are many incidents that I can recall but couldn't convey here.

6. What is your ideal vacation?
~ First and foremost.. a place that is relaxing and has a great view...and spend it with my family.. :)

7. Does someone else’s routine force you to create your own?
~ Yes

8. Are you planning any pranks for April Fool’s Day?
~ No time to plan

9. What has been your biggest coincidence?
~ That my hubby is the only boy amongst his siblings and I am the only girl with mine. :)

10. What do you have to say for yourself?
~ Focus Eds! :)

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Photo Hunt : HANDS

This me and my son's hands...

I made this layout when my son was around 1 year old. I was on his play pen (with him) just to make this shot! Lol! ;)

So memorable.. so precious ...

This is actually an advanced post for this week's photo hunt. I thought of putting this up now because I'll be away tomorrow for our summer getaway at the beach. Well, I bet we'll be having so much fun tomorrow because of our plan to island hop and stuff. Though, it would be so much if we have can have a free stay at hotel as well. lol! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Should I or Not?

My mind is so occupied with so many thoughts lately.

I felt that I have so much to do at work but I realized that I can’t execute them all in one sitting or even have it done in a few days. And as a plus to my pressures, I’ve been sleepless for 2 nights now because Aj has been sick due to colds. Urgh!

Well, I thought that would be it for this week when suddenly my online friend Faye emailed me about something.. something that I’ve been longing to have for months! lol!

She’s offering me to buy these babies… :)

I know I should be saving like I mentioned before on my previous posts. But what can I do I really what to own even one of these Coach Bags, especially the prices are cheaper than store prices. ( I want to buy both actually! Well, to save from shipping narin! Lol! )

Hmmm… {*thinking-thinking*}

So should I or should I not? Hirap! :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Question of the week #51

1. How’s the week going on so far?
+ A little toxic! My boss new plant is opening next week and we have so much to do! Plus Aj has some colds again. Urgh!

2. Would you rather love or be loved?
+ Well, I want both because having them both in my life is the best feeling I had since I was born.

3. How do you feel when you hear a friend completely butchering a story?
+ I just listen and comment afterwards…

4. If you could have a recorder which would make a DVD or video tape of your dreams, would you use it?
+ Yes, definitely. I would really love to have a compilation of my dreams :)

5. Have you ever had a dream about being a place you’ve never been, and days or years later, you end up there?

+ Hmmm… I think not. When I was younger I dream of snow and hails but somehow I haven’t seen any of that in the Philippines!lol! Maybe in a few years…

6. Do you sit at your computer and eat snacks and have refreshments to drink?
+ Sometimes, when I really need a break with my office loads.

7. Which is more true: everything matters or nothing matters?
+ Hmm…For me.. Everything matters in this world. It’s like everything that will and has happen in my life has something to do with my future. :)

8. What was the last thing you gave up on?
+ Blogging everyday! Lol! Because of my back logs at work that I need to attend first. ;)And lastly look for some tv stands.

9. Can the love of a person really make you change?
+ I think so especially if that change would make a better person..

10. Any plans for the weekend yet?
+ We’ll be heading to the beach this Saturday! Yes! :)

Join us here.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Hubby's Dream Car

My hubby’s really into cars.

He knows everything about cars from models to its smallest details. When he was about to enter his secondary schooling he already knows how to drive a car and when he was about to graduate he can already drive a ten wheeler truck and sand loader.lol! He was that addicted to driving and was really persevere to have his very own car.

Well, as of this moment he wants and dreams of having a Ferrari F430...

Yeah, you heard it right? He wishes to have a Ferrari soon! Well, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming right? We don’t know where our fate will lead us.. Like we might win a lotto draw this week and have ten Ferrari car next week! Lol! Then after that we might stock some Ferrari parts in our mansion just in case we need some spare parts replacement or better yet we might open a Ferrari Auto Shop Franchise in the our place. Lol! Whatever it may be and we will be, the Ferrari will always be on my hubby’s wish list! Lol! :)

Happy Weekend! :)

Have A Break

Sharque and Mhay gave me these awards…

Thank you sisters! :)

Sharque for this one…

And Mhay for this one…

Now, I’m passing this two awards to all my blogging buddies! :)

Summer Getaway

Finally, my boss has finally decided and it a Yes!

Yes to have our summer outing at Sun Moon Resort in Bataan. Well, not that I’m really crazy about the place but the fact that we will have a day break with all expenses paid amidst the on-going economic crisis.

My boss told me earlier that we might be cutting off some expenses this year especially if the additional expense is not operation related but because we insisted that our people need a break and requested to have a splash on the beach, he surprisingly said yes (exactly 7 days before our scheduled outing)! :)

Thank God! :)

Anyways, I need to ciao for a while and look for a mig welder for our new plant. :)

Toxic !

Sorry for not updating guys! Life has been pretty hectic on my end lately.

The new plant that I mentioned before was about to open and I’m in charge on some purchases and hiring of new personnel. After that, I would be the one training our newly hired clerks and I’m pretty sure that will be a stressful one because everything will start from scratch!

Anyways, April 1 is the day to beat! And hopefully that day will be the start of something new in my career.

But of course, I’ll still be blogging and browsing the web after our adjustment period and hopefully by then I can canvass some horse supplies for my cousin’s new farm in Bataan.

Wish me luck guys! :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Champion :)

My hubby’s team joined Unit 48’s Airsoft Tournament last Saturday at Clarkfield, Pampanga and yes they won the tournament! Bravo! :)

See how high my hubby was in this picture! :)

Congrats to my champ and more to come! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: {Heavy Baggage}

Friday, March 6, 2009

All Hail the Master Rapper

The battle has ended…

(1964 - 2009)

"Three stars and a sun, in one sky, so high,
I live and die and die will I for my
Motherland this is the land of my birth,
No purse is worth the price of this earth
Can we rise, can we all, hell no!,
Or should we all just take the fall?
Bless the man if his heart and his land are one
...3 stars & a sun!"

Master Rapper Francis Magalona passed away yesterday noon. He was 44...

My officemate who has a nearby house near our office break the news after lunch and I was really saddened when I heard it. I had high hopes that Francis M would survive or at least live much longer because of his hopes and courage. I always read his blog to check on his updates and as he said he was very happy for his upcoming stem cell transplant this month. But apparently he didn’t make it to the date and he has the leave his family and "us", his fans yesterday.

I like Kiko and I can say that I’m a big fan (especially hubby). But my admiration got even higher when he got the diseases and was still on his feet fighting with chin up and as the title of his other blog says, he’s into a “Happy Battle”.

He was a great lost in our Music Industry but a great pride for the hopeless. I know how his friends and family feels this very instant because I’ve been there. Sad to say… :(

But as we all know, life has to go on… at least Kiko wouldn’t feel the pain of chemotherapy and sepsis now, right? Again, to his family and friends… Our Condolences…

May you rest in peace Francis... you're free.. and BRAVO for a great fight!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Skywatch Friday

I'm joining again! :)

And here’s my entry…

This is my hubby while walking on the hot shore of Sun Moon Beach.

It was really hot that day, so I thought of staying under the shady trees of the resort and have a shot of hubby’s back while walking towards the water. :) Look how puffy the clouds are!

More skywatchers here.

For now, I have to browse the web for a medical assistant training school for my cousing Sey. :)

Friday Fill-Ins #114


Here we go!

1. Making my friend laugh was my last random act of kindness.

2. Another place I must see this year is the theme park at Orlando vacations.

3. I also consult my mind in matters of the heart.

4. Coffee, tea or hot choco.

5. Sometimes we need to take separate paths.

6. Our child reminds me that there is always hope in this world.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to have a little munch with hubby at our fave resto, tomorrow my plans include watching a movie flick with my officemates and Sunday, I want to sleep the whole day!

More answers here.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Peek of Summer

It's the 2nd day of March and as mentioned here, we went beach scouting last weekend. Yeah, in preparation for our summer getaway! Lol! :) Summer is in! (*excited*)

And here’s a peek of the beach that I think would win our peeps approval. Lol!

This beach is really cool but I’m not the saying that the sand is as white as that on Boracay. But the water was so clean and inviting. The place was also refreshing because the resort was full of trees where you can even set a picnic mat under them.

Anyways, I bet some of the gals would love to see this beach and be in their sexy attires! Lol! Well, they better buy the best diet pill to fit on their bikinis. Lol! :)

A Mold Killer?

Aj got sick last week. Yeah, he was sick again.

He had a fever because of his colds. I think it’s in the weather again. You know – hot then cold! But he’s alright now. He took some meds like a decongestant and paracetamol.

Now that I’m relaying this to you, I suddenly remembered what my MIL told me about Aj’s on and off colds. She said that other than the weather, maybe it’s to time that we check our house for molds and stuffs that might cause the recurrence of illness. Hmmm.. I think I really need to buy a mold killer or better yet call a mold terminator (if such person/ services exist) to help us sanitized our house.

What do you think?

Weekend Snapshots: Mt. Samat Shrine

Hi guys! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty tiring..

We went to Bataan yesterday to scout some beaches for our summer getaway this March. But before we drive on to our destination, we thought of checking out Mt. Samat Shrine.

And here are the shots:

We're here!!!

And up we go!!!

We are literally on the arms of the cross! :)

Simply breathtaking! :)

The view was simply amazing and heel breaking!lol! Though my acrophobia suddenly burst to its maximum level because of the view downhill, the experience was simply outstanding.

Whoa! Now, tell me about your weekend? :)