Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday {Airsoft Buddies}

Monday, September 29, 2008

Week#1: Top Commenters

As promised, here are the list of my top commenter for the period of 25 – 28 September 2008 ( cut-off time 12noon). Please note that this result is partial and unofficial.

Here are the top 10 for Week#1:


1.) Mye 38

2.) Jhona 18

3.) Vannie 12

4.) Milet 10

5.) Architect 6

Calvin 6

6.) Wiehanne 5

7.) Faye 4

8.) Mich 4

9.) Dez 3

Berry 3

MM 3

Anne 3

10.)Aggie 2

Jenny L 2

Emz 2

Please note that this computations we’re based on all comments received starting September 25 to September 28,2008- 12 noon Phil time, on any of my posts and on my 3 BLOGS.

Good job for the top commenters! And for those who are the bottom list you can still catch up because you still have approximately 27 days before this contest ends.

Goodluck!!! :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

They grow on Trees!?

While blog hopping, I saw a post on "why women loves to move to Florida?"

Well, because of this...

Credits: http://www.sexyoldbroad.com/

Hahahah. I almost fell on my seat when I saw the roots of the tree. Lol! I just couldn’t help but post it here and have your comments.

Oh my! I didn’t knew that they grow on trees! Bwahahaha!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Contest Updates

Hi everyone! How was your your today?

Well, as some of you know –mine was fabulous! Why? This blog has a PR now! Yipeey! And of course, I feel happier because of the oozing comments I got from all of you guys and for numerous participants in my blogsary contest! Thank you so much guys! I was really touched and I greatly appreciate it.

With that being said, I’ll be posting a partial and unofficial tally of comments of all the participants who commented on my blogs – My Precious Niche, Just Me.. Eds and Eds Mommy Life. The list of the top 10 commenters will be released every week- either every Sunday or Monday.

So stay tune for that guys because that list would give you an idea of your standing. Good luck guys!

Anyways, I’ll be logging off in a while because I need to take care of Aj. And before I say ciao to all of you, I really need to know why my feed widget isn’t moving. I know you guys had subscribed and confirm your subscription but somehow the feed widget is still zero. I even asked my friend to subscribe but her subscription too has not been counted. Hmm, what wrong?

Do any of you here know the answer? Please help! :(

Friday, September 26, 2008

Google PR Update!

Oh my Gosh!!! This is the happiest day of my BLOGGY life! Mr. G did his update today and I'm one of those who were fortunate. :)

Finally, Mr G. gave my blogs some PR! Yipeey!!! Though it’s only PR1 on both of my blogs – My Precious Niche and Eds Mommy Life and none on Just Me.. Eds. I still appreciate the fact that my blogs were given some bonus after 48 years of hardcore-blogging! Lol!

Thanks Mr. G! Hopefully, in the future hindi tayo mag-away and I wish you can give me more! {Greedy ba?} lol!!!

Anyways, I hope my bloggy friends are also happy now after Mr.G’s update! :)

My Baby is Sick :(

Aj is sick again! :(

Read more here.

My Brothers' Wedding

Whew! Just came back from my brother’s civil wedding.

Yeah, he got married today at the age of 24 and I think his wife was 21. {Too young for me. :) }

The wedding went on smoothly. All the guests came in just in time but the ceremony didn’t start as scheduled – 10am. Well, that was expected – Filipino pa! lol! After 2 weddings, it was our turn, and that was 12pm already! Gosh! We were so hungry then to the highest level ha!

The ceremony ended by 12:30 and we rushed to Max’s Restaurant for a simple reception.

After that my hubby and I rushed to the office to catch out halfway work! Whew! And so now, I’m updating you while I'm in the office.

Time really flies so fast. It was like yesterday when I was trying to help my little brother on his acne treatment sessions and now he's finally a married man.

So to my brother Noel and his wife Riezell!

~ Congratulations and Best Wishes!!! ~

Thursday, September 25, 2008

♥ {STICKY POST: Happy Blogsary !!! }♥

OMG! I almost forgot! It’s my blog’s blogsary!!!! Happy 1st Anniversary My Precious Niche!

Wow! It also means that I’m a year old Blogger too! Wow!What a special day this is!

And because this day is very special to me, I would like to thank all of you who visited, commented and read my posts and as a part of my appreciation I am awarding the first 3 bloggers who will give me an awesome comment about my blogsary today and will also subscribe on this blog! And I’m talking about sending some moolah in your paypal account! Yeah, I’m dead serious!lol!

So hurry! Greet me now with your great comments and don’t forget to subscribe! I’ll contact you then for your paypal details. :)

Birthday Myspace Graphics

But wait you can still have some additional moolah on your paypal account because I’ll be celebrating my blogsary for 1 month!!!

All you have to do is:
1.) Blog about this blogsary contest (details below)

It’s Eds Blogsary! Join her contest and have some moolah on your paypal!

MyCuteGraphics.com - Cute Glitter Graphics

My Precious Niche
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Contest will start on September 25, 2008 (12noon) till October 25, 2008 (12 midnight) Phil. time. I will announce the lucky winners on October 27, 2008 MONDAY!

2.) Subscribe to this blog

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3.) Comment on any post for a month on any of my blogs! That means, I will compute all those who commented that has formally announced that they are joining! Please keep in mind that I have 3 blogs ha! :)!

I will draw 4 great bloggers and the end of this contest. The blogger who has the greatest number of comments will win $30.00, the second placer will have $15, third placer will have $10 and the fourth placer will have $5 ! Any comments will do, for as long as it is a sentence, lol! 

So what are you guys waiting for? Join now!!! :)


Super Flash Winners!


For My first batch of winners! I would like to congratulate the following for being the first ever to greet me on my 1st blogsary ever!!!

MyCuteGraphics.com - Cute Glitter Graphics

Congratulations sisters!!!


I decided to give all them all $5 each for being such a super flash buddies! :) Thankies!!!!!

Now, do contact me ladies for your Paypal addy :)

For those who didn’t make it (early), you can join my week long contest and have a chance to grab the $30 jackpot price! lol! See the details below! :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Make your moments last

Like most of us do, we try to collate or consolidate all our precious moments thru albums, slides or videos right? But somehow because of lack of expertise, we somehow do the wrong thing in doing such.

Good thing, Mymoments.roxio.com is here to help us have our dream moments. Like what Zoey and Chris did to help the soon to be wedded couple on their multimedia show about their chronicles of life – The Wedding Day Crunch. They literally done a digital make over of their photos and is now ready for their wedding day. Awesome right?

So, if you need some help on how to make a video about your photos and stuffs, you can count on My Moments. By the way, when you’re on their site you can watch more show their and you can even join their contest- the Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover. Lots of cools stuff for you there peep, so visit them now!


Use Mozilla FireFox for this blog

Please note that this BLOG is BEST VIEWED with a MOZILLA FIREFOX BROWSER. If you’re using the Internet Explorer browser, you might not appreciate the beauty of this blog, lol! :)

Please download the Mozilla Browser here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday {Reminiscing}

Rainy days are here!

What Your Brown Umbrella Says About You

When faced with adversity, you rush to fix things right away. You don't like discomfort or conflict in your life, and you are always looking to restore balance. You live a serene, cozy life. You choose stability over excitement, and you're the better for it. You are very together and down to earth. Not a lot phases you. On a rainy day: you should stay home - there's no better place to be no better place to be

Monday, September 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Summer is way too off from where I came from. But till now I can still feel the crisp scent of the ocean. That’s why I’m joining this week’s Ten on Tuesday meme for the first time.

“10 Great Things That Happened This Summer”

1.) I was able to relax on two of the hippest beaches in our country… for the first time after several years

2.) Island hopping was the best of them all…

3.) Having our own time in the beach with my hubby

4.) Had a grand time with friends ...

5.) Discovered nature’s hidden treasures

6.) Hubby developed a new hobby – “Airsoft”

7.) Aj is 1 and 8 months and knows almost every animal he sees, numbers, and the alphabets and can communicate well with us.

8.) Watched a lot of cool movie flicks!

9.) Nature tripping with my family

10.) Had lots of time blogging!

How about you guys? How was your summer?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend Snapshot#55

We didn’t go out this weekend. We just stayed in our house and bond as a family.

And as a part of our bonding moments, my hubby and I had a small talk on our veranda that evening. We talked about our past when he was still courting me and all. And as we talk, I saw the moon peeking from the clouds. That’s why I got my cam and had some shots.

This is all I got, sorry for the blurred photos, you know how my cam is. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday Special

I’m joining this week’s Saturday Special. You can join the fun too, just click here.

~One Word To Start A Sentence Or Statement~
~Fill In The Blanks~

1. Yesterday, my hubby and I went to the movies to watch Bangkok Dangerous.

2. Giving up my blogging habit is really hard to break.

3. When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a doctor. But as I grew up I realize that I was afraid of blood.

4. Never have I thought of becoming a blogger.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Special Stuffs

It was our company 28th anniversary last Tuesday and because of that, our bosses declared a half day of work. Yipeey for the first time in the history huh?!

Now, because we want to spend our half day fruitfully, we went to the mall and had spent some of our moolahs lol! I bought a Neo Cabby bag, a Mini Lin wallet, black office stilettos and a Cleo Crocs.

Lookie, here’s the bag and the wallet. I’ll post the shoes later {no picture yet}

After shopping we had some munch at Chowking and showed everybody what we bought. All of us had a great time, except the boys of course, who really hate shopping in the mall. Pity ‘em! Lol!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Strengthening Family Ties thru the Spirit

Only a few people know that we are a family of Catholic-Protestant. My Dad has been a Roman Catholic all his life and my mom was a natural Methodist-Protestant. But since he married my dad she converted herself to Catholic living. I still remember when I was in grade school where we usually attend mass every Sunday on a catholic church and next Sunday on a Methodist church.

Well, that really didn’t confuse us and no conflict arises from that situation because there is not much difference on their Catholic and Protestant teachings. Some of the difference that I remember was in a Catholic Church, the sign of the cross is very important, whereas in a Protestant teaching, the sign of the cross is not being practice. Also in Catholic church a priest is the one preaching, whereas in a Protestant community, the pastor is the leader.

And you know who amongst the pastors are world renowned for his preaching? Pastor Bob. My Aunt Cely who is my mom’s sister and is currently based in Canada called my mom last week. She called my mom because she’s inviting her to come to Canada to join an Emergent Church where Pastor Bob preach. My mom was overwhelmed with the invitation but she’s still having second thoughts because of her sickness. So, my mom said she’ll think about it. But before my mom said goodbye, she ask my Aunt why all of the sudden she want to join the church? My aunt said that “I want a better marriage”. With that said, my mom ask her again on how can they find a church in Rancho Sante Fe? You’re almost halfway away from Santa Fe? But with a determined heart my Aunt Cely said she has everything plan already so my mm need to worry about.

That’s it! Till now I haven’t check on my mom’s answer to my Aunt request. Maybe they’ll push thru or maybe not. Hmm.. we’ll see.

Am I Goth?

You Are 4% Goth

Goth? No. Definitely not. You hardly even wear black clothing.

And to be honest, dark, brooding goth types freak you out a little.

To the extent that you have any goth interests, it's only because some goth stuff has become mainstream.

There's no chance anyone's going to find you in a graveyard after dark, that's for sure!

Making a Difference

Making a difference in this world is as difficult as convincing a person that you’re much better than him. Well, that doesn’t mean anything to Dennis Carey. Have you heard about him? If not, you can visit his site Dennis Carey.com and see what I’m talking about.

While browsing a while ago, I came across Dennis Carey biography. I was amazed on how well he has been for the past few years and how he become successful because of his willingness to make a difference. Dennis Carey holds a Ph.D. in finance and administration from the University of Maryland. He was also a post-doctoral Fellow at Harvard University in 1982-1983 and conducted visiting Fellowships at Princeton Theological Seminary and the ECC. He has also authored many articles about corporate governance, directory recruitment, spin off business strategies and the like.

In short, he really made use of his talent in writing in a valuable purpose. Isn’t that the courageous thing to do or what?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My mom hates Cats

My mom hates cats, dog, birds or any pet for that matter. She doesn’t like having animals roaming around the house. If I’m not mistaken, she even told me that they can cause sickness because of their furs and dirty habits.

Well, I know some of you would disagree with my mom but what can I do, she’s just not into pets, especially cats! I still remember when I as younger when I bought home a kitten when she literally throws the poor kitten out the window and told me how expensive cat supplies are and their fur can give me asthma. I was shocked! Oh well, from then on, I never bought home a cat in my mom’s house. lol!