Sunday, August 31, 2008

Moolah Give-Aways!

Then join Chikai’s birthday contest and win some moolah for your Paypal pocket!

Visit her blog now!

Cherry’s Comfort Zone
Thinking Out Loud
DigiScrapz: Captured Memories
Buzzy Me
Wishing and Hoping
Fab Finds, Etc.

Better hurry before it ends on September 1 at 11:59pm (-7 GMT).

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tag Train

Snag this from Yen.

PLAYERS: FAB FINDS,ETC. | {Me and Mine} | My Precious Niche | YOUR BLOG

1. What’s the age difference between you and your eldest sibling? I’m the eldest :)

2. Do you believe that there’s always room in your heart for your first true love? Yes definitely, because my hubby is my first love too! ;)

3. What is your zodiac sign? Cancer

4. Why did you hug the last person you hugged? Because I love him so much and he’s my cutie baby :)

5. Who is the last person of the opposite sex that made you smile? My hubby too after he farted, lol!

6. Do you have trust issues? Just hate someone dishonest.

7. Where will you be tonight? At home too sleeping

8. Who are you texting? My hubby, relatives, friends and my boss

9. Do you believe everything happens for a reason? Yeah, I do.

10. If the person who hurt you the most in your life apologized and told you they loved you what would you do? It’s really hard to forget but the chances of forgiving him is higher than 99% :)

11. Last time you had a yummy chocolate ice cream? A few weeks ago :)

12. Are you mean? I don’t think so ;)

13. Who do you trust the most in your life? My hubby

14. What do you miss most about your past?? My childhood and everything in between.

15. If given a chance, would you change your name? Nope, otherwise I would have to request for a new life insurance quote. :)

Up for snags! Happy Weekend! ;)

A Fresh Toy for you Best Pal

Have you ever heard about the Dog Toy Of The Month Club? Well, I think if you are true dog lover, you should already have registered a premium plan for you doggie. Isn’t it awesome to see some fresh new toys every month for your most loved pet? Well, with you can simply choose a plan that suits your dog and your budget and they’ll definitely do the rest –every month!

Want to more? Visit for more information about unique dog toys and how to be a part of this premium dog toy club and make you best pal the happiest doggie ever!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

{Bad Bad Bad}

I feel so so so bad today.

After receiving some bad comments on my other blog about the “Fish issue”. I really felt bad. How can they defend someone that they haven’t met at all?! Fanatic tlga!

Well, you can’t be blame for being “bitchy” on Marian Rivera, I think some of you read my sentiments about her here. At talagang uusok kayo if you we’re in place. Nonetheless, after posting it and received some contemplating comments, I still feel bad even though I’ve released my tensions. Hayyy…I hate evil lurkers {hindi ako sanay buti nalang may moderation ako sa comments beh!}

I’m not saying that all that was said were not true. Please note that what I’ve said were actual facts and based on my own experience. {I just hope others can respect that!?} And I just want to post it for the benefit of my real readers and my way of expressing myself narin.

So for those who opposed and don’t believe me- I don’t care! Mind you own business and stay away from my blog! {wow! taray! Haha}

Note: Hopefully, this will be my post about the issue.

Thanks to all who commented. ;)

Ciao! Need to search for some incontinence products for my old friend Rob. lol! {peace!}

Monday, August 25, 2008

My SCATTEGORIES starts with an E

Thanks for this tag Del & Carol! :)

PLAYERS: Del / Carol / Eds / YOU!

SCATTERGORIES.'s harder than it looks! Erase my answers, enter yours, send it on to your friends. *Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following... *They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question;

VEHICLE –Everest {Ford} I would really need a car insurance then if I'll have an everest! lol!
TV Show – Eerie Indiana
CITY – El Monte (California)

BOY NAME – Eddie
OCCUPATION – English Teacher hahahah



Kathy, Vannie, Yen, Joy, Annette, Jean, Jenny, Jane, Denz and Dez

Ready to Fight :)

I hope you still remember my post on “Baldo vs. Llyody”? Where my hubby tries to dramatize he’s so-called duo with John Llyod {in my heart?!}Lol!

Well, Hubby’s wackiness strikes again yesterday– wearing his full airsoft gear he flaunted that he’s more “geared” than Llyody. Lol!


~ Ready to Fight! ~

Si hubby talaga ayaw pa awat! Lol! :)

Sunday, August 24, 2008

End your hair loss worries with Shen Min

Are you tired of your falling hair, graying hair or to make it worst being bald for that matter? Well, end your burden with this great hair loss treatment that I just found- Shen Min Advanced Formula.

Shen Min Advanced Formula is naturally created for men which are more prone to baldness or grayness of hair. Why? Because men has DHT or De- Hydro Testosterone that is often referred to us “The bad testosterone” that usually attached itselfs to hair follicles and blocks hair growth. That’s why Shen Min was created to solve this problem. This Shen Min hair growth product apparently blocks DHT, which is obviously helpful in the prevention of baldness. Cool huh?

Well, maybe you’re still wondering why this product was named as Shen Min? For your information, In Chinese, Shen Min means “ life/vitality” and it’s 100% all natural, so you can really be sure that it came from nature’s pure love. No side effects or whatsoever because its pure natural.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy this one now and end your hair problems.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Million Dollar Friend

I was awarded A Million Dollar Friend by Vhiel of Can of Thoughts.

I was really touched that she really appreciate my blogs and my blogging style. Thank you so much for being my online friend and for giving me this award. I really appreciate it.

She said:

Eds of My Precious Niche - whenever I wanted to read something pinoy in taste I always go to her blog, no pretense just pure Filipino taste.

-------Start copy - - - - -

“You are never a burden.. don’t ever think that. Friends need each other to pick them up when they are down and I would do nothing less. ”
Dawn Drover~ Twisted Sister

A Million Dollar Friend is the kind of person who instinctively knows what it means to be a good friend; this kind of person makes you look forward to the days ahead and fondly remember the days that have passed. - A Nice Place In The Sun

A million dollar friend is someone who not only pulls you up when you’re down, but also always finds a way to not let you fall. - Abelle, Only in Silence

"A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down" ~Arnold Glasow- Vhiel, Can of Thoughts

“ A Million Dollar Friend is a person that is always with you on your happy moments and still loves you in your moment of darkness. ~ Eds, My Precious Niche

You Here! Post your nominees and tell the world what a million dollar friend to you means. That’s it! ;)

---------End Copy - - - - -

Now this following blogger that I want to present this is more of like A Million Dollar Blogger for I haven't really met them in person, mostly just chatted with them online, but their blog has been a place for me to visit and I get inspired every time I drop by.

In no particular order:

Yen of Me and Mine for I like her blog in general. I love the way she does her posts and how it looks so easy to come up with a topic to put on her blog. I also admire her intelligence, her photography and her knowledge about the net and blogging. She’s also one helpful gal and a real bloggy buddy to count on.

Vannie of Fun/Fierce/Fabulous for I like the way she talks in her blog. The use of words and the way she expresses herself. I also love the way she post topics in her blogs that really captures my attention to read more. Plus she’s also one of my real bloggy buddy that you can really chat with almost any topic that a fab mamma can open.

Milet of Momie Space for I like her the personality of her blog. Her views, her cries and her laughs as a mother and as a survivor have somehow touched me in a good way. After all the dramas in her life, I still see a very strong woman in her.

Mich of Random Thoughts for I also love how she blog and how she talks on her posts. Her cheerful personality has somehow caught my tang to read her blog daily. No pretensions or whatsoever.

Alpha of Because Life is Fun for I like her blogs in general too. I love her short meme’s and her LO’s, her photography and the way she talks about her Estong.

Arlene of My Simple but Adorned Life for I like the way she strives to reach her goals. I love her use of words and the way she expresses herself in her blog- especially with her issues about infertility. I feel some heart in her blog, that’s why I love visiting them.

I still have a lot of bloggers that I want to mention but I might not finish this meme if ever I list them all.

Bills IQ for your Debt Relief

In our complicated world today, many of us are trying to make most out of our money on hand. If not, one will surely fall heavily with debt and would need some advices about Debt relief if his debts are not settled soon.

Especially now that almost every individual living in this state has a Credit card debt. Each one of us is definite to be burden on credit debts and bad credit standing. So, what to do when one is not financially capable or has a degrading credit rating? What else? Take the Bills IQ test and ask their assistances on how you can fully revive you credit standing.

For_advertiser_profile offers comprehensive Resource Centers on many different financial topics that offer articles, guidance, and additional tools to help you find, learn, and save in all areas of your life. They also provide various Debt consolidation sources that could give you the Debt help or freedom you need.

Well, as for me, I’m trying to live my life based on the Haiku I truly believes.

“People needs money
To survive on this planet
But God expunge all of that”

Sponsored by

Friday Fill-Ins #86

I’m joining this week’s Friday Fill In! :)

Here it is:

1. Dancing to the tune of Low while taking a bath makes me feel sexy.

2. The last time I got tensed I nearly vomited! Eeww!

3. When I drive I tried to be calm.

4. I saw John Llyod standing in front of Greenwich. {I thought it was him but it was a dummy after all.}

5. Give me more opps, give me more blogging
time, give me more moolah! haha

6. Next week I am looking forward to more!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward
to watch lots of TV series, tomorrow my plans include blogging and Sunday, I want to spend the whole day with hubby and AJ!

My Basketball Fanatic hubby


My hubby wants me to do this and he has been demanding me to post it asap.

Here it is!

GINEBRA won over AIR 21!!!! My hubby almost fell from his chair when he saw the scores! {I hope you’re reading this hubby! :) )

Yeah, they won PBA’s Fiesta Crown on its Game 7 last August 20, 2008.

I think Ginebra team was “bokya” on the start of this season but when Chris Alexander showed up, everything flipped over. Does this means that Alexander was really good? Hmmm, though in Game 7 Alexander had some moments of pain and reach its 5th foul early in the 4th quarter.

But instead of losing hope, Ginebra only got better.

Alexander survived the game, Erik Menk played like the old Erik Menk, and Ronald Tubid scored 22 points as Ginebra swatted Air21’s first-ever title aspirations, posting a 97-84 win to nail down its eighth franchise crown in winning the Smart-Philippine Basketball Association Fiesta Conference at the packed Araneta Coliseum.

I think that’s almost it.

Need to show hubby this one, so he won’t “kulit” anymore. Lol!

Happy Weekend everyone!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Happy & Sad

Thanks Vannie for this tag. It’s been a long time since I got a tag from you. And welcome back! Tehee! ;)

Thanks sis!

~Start Copy~

Here are the Rules:

1. List the things that make you Happy and those that make you Sad.

2. Add your Blog to the list. Feel free to add all your other Blogs.

3. Tag other online friends you know.Tni’s Attachments, Cecile2’s-Small and Simple Things, Lara’s Pinay dot US, Lara’s My Blog Entry, Lara’s Byaheng Pinay, Living A’ La Mode, Bits and Pieces, My Life in this Wonderful World, My Online World, Ozzy’s Mom, Me,Myself+2, Kidd Designs, Fun|Fierce|Fabulous , Eds Mommy Life, Just Me.. Eds, My Precious Niche, [YOU]



  • Having a happy and healthy family
  • Great relationship with in-laws and friends
  • Bonding moments with Aj & hubby
  • Shopping!
  • Eating!
  • Blogging in general :)
  • Having excess extra cash because of blogging
  • Lots of Opps!
  • Lots of friends!
  • Beauty of nature :)
  • A Simple Life
  • Being appreciated.
  • Doing good deeds
  • Watching Teleseryes, especially ones with JLC in it! Lol! ;)
  • A new house :)


  • Sickness in the family
  • Misunderstanding in the family or friends or everywhere else
  • No Opps at all!
  • Not being able to blog
  • Lots of paper works
  • Mad bosses
  • Corrupt Politicians :P
  • Unreal peeps
  • Short if cash
  • Slow internet connection or none at all! Grrrrr
  • Traffic! Still never used to it! ;(
  • Brownout
  • Rejections
  • Really bad and crazy people
  • Debts

~ End Copy ~

Whew! Did I note too much? Hmmm, this meme kinda gave me an outlet to recognize my life’s treasures and struggles. I really had fun doing this one. Promise!

What’s makes you happy/sad: Jona, Milet, Yen, Mich, Alpha, Annette, Lira, Monica, Imelda and Peachy

A WarmTravel with Cabin Cuddler

Have you heard? Airlines no longer carry blankets or pillows for their passengers! Hmm, I’m not sure what’s the real basis behind that, I think they haven’t issued a press release about this either. It’s quite irritating because you won’t find blankets and pillows on their airplanes anymore.

That means, “Us” the passengers, should carry our own travel blanket or else you have to confide yourself with a semi- cleaned fabrics. Eeww! Well, I rather buy a Cabin Cuddler than spends my days in the plane with unhygienic blanket or pillow.


Cabin Cuddler addressed the hygenic & comfort issues that face travelers in this day and age. Especially during the summer travel season, where most travelers wear light clothing’s and freeze in the mercy of the plane’s air conditioned. Not only that, you can use it anywhere you want. In your office or in your house- anywhere will do, as long as you need some warm cuddles.

Not to mention that Cabin Cuddler is very stylish. It’s a hygienic pillow case can be converted to a tote bag ! Cool huh? So, if you need patented pocket to keep your feet warm or a blanket that can cover every inch of your body. Cabin Cuddler is the right one for you!

Sponsored by Cabin Cuddler

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Font Am I?

You Are Times New Roman

You are formal and conservative. You're concerned with how you appear to others. For you, maintaining a good reputation is important. You want people to trust you. Elegant and classy, you always maintain your composure. You are never crass. You are professional, competent, and upstanding. And it shows!

Free Chat for everyone

In our every changing world today, the internet has become the portal of knowing each other by many people around the globe. Some of them met on chat lines and end up living together as husband and wives. Cool huh? Technology today has significantly changed the lives of many people. That is why most single people today search fun thru adult chat and other are contended with free chat services.

Luckily, Talk121 is here to give more life to chatting. Talk121 is offering free access to our chat line. Just pick up the phone and call 509-676-1000 and you’ll get a free chat. Hundreds of people are waiting on our local chat lines for you call, so get in now for a single chat fun!.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Fill - Ins

From Yen and Mich. Thanks girls! ;)


My roommate and I once: dare ourselves not to sleep all night and just chat till dawn. Lol! {we failed!}
Never in my life have I: drove my own car
High school
was: really memorable
when I’m nervous: I usually have stomach cramps
My hair: needs some moisture and trim

When I was 5: I love wearing my school uniform
When I turn my head left: I see the pay window
I should be: working now because I’m in the office

By this time next year: our house should be a work in progress
My favorite aunt is: none really :)

I have a hard time understanding: Chinise languages
You know I like you if: I accommodate you
My ideal breakfast is: just simple- some healthy meals and drink in a sunrise table
If you visit my home town: you would really appreciate how jolly the people are

If you spend the night at my house: we will chat the whole night long
The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: elephants din! hahah
I shouldn’t have been: watching tv so late in the evening because I get groogy every morning
Last night I: watched a lot of teleseryes
A better name for me would be: My name.. I’m loving my name now.. so unique!
I’ve been told I look like: Katie Holmes Bwhahahahaah! Joke!
If I could have any car, it would be: The old 2-door by Rav4

Now, it’s your turn Mars, Happy Mum, Lilet, Carol, Vannie, Lis and Lisa

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Great Morning!

What a great way to start my Monday morning!

Other than confirming that John Llyod Cruz will play the role of Armando in ABS CBN's Betty La Fea yesterday – Oh yes this made me really HAPPY! :)

And after doing all the 3 steps that Paypal required me to do.

My Paypal now is fully restored!!! Yipeey!!!


Thanks to my bloggy friends for the advices and concerns. That’s why now, I’m in my full blogging mode! Hahaha

Thanks everyone and to Paypal as well for their immediate action.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sunday Updates

This post is going to be quick. { I think ;)}

I’m a little busy this day because my hubby’s tita, who was operated in the uterus last week is coming home, so it means we have to be there in her house to visit her. Well, I hope I’ll be able to blog hop while I’m waiting for Aj to wake up from his afternoon nap and before going to his Tita.

Also, I just want to sneak in some updates about my paypal. I already did the 3 steps they want me to do- you know - faxing my documents overseas. Yeah, it costs me 600 bucks for the 4 pages docs they need. I faxed them thru Fedex and now I’m still waiting for their response. { *cross fingers*}

And because I was in the mall narin, I thought of window shopping for my niece's upcoming birthday. I saw some cutie baby bedding that I might consider giving . I was able to buy some books too for AJ. I’ll post them later, if I still have time.

Oh well, need to go now. Hubby's here!

Happy Sunday everyone! Ciao!

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Paypal account has been LIMITED?!!

Bad Trip!

Something really irritating came up this morning! And you know what it is?

My Paypal has been LIMITED!!!! Urgh! Of all the things that can be limited bakit itong paypal pa?! Is this TRUE? ;(

Hay grabe! I don’t know what happen. When I opened my email this morning, I received an email from them saying that a third party might/has used my paypal account. So for security purposes they have to LIMIT my account. Well, as far as I know, no unauthorized transaction has been noted in my account so where the heck did they got the third party idea!?

LIMITED account...

This means I CANNOT:

  • send or request money
  • electronically transfer funds from my PayPal account {WHAT!?}
  • close my account

Though , I can still:

receive payments

place logos into your auction listings or on your website

update your account information

Ok, atleast I can still receive payments from advertisers but what‘s the use of receiving them if I can’t transfer them to my own bank account!

Now, they want me to change my password and my security question- ok, I’m fine with these two. But the other step they want me to do is kinda hard -> they want me to attached and fax a proof of address of my utility bills. Heler! As in pinafafax nila overseas!!! {mahal nun!} And if ever I do the last one, will they activate my account again? When? Hayyy ... what should I do?

Did any of you guys experienced this kind of inconvenience? If yes, what did you do? Please help! Inis tlga toh huhuhu :(

Our future Illuminations

As some of you know, we’ve been preparing for the construction of our dream house since last year. But due inevitable circumstances, the construction cannot be done again this year. Oh well, what can we do? As much as I wanted to see my dream house sooner, some stuff doesn’t really compliment and that gave us the reason to postpone the construction.

But that does not mean we stopped searching for some fixtures that we dream to have in our house. We’re still hunting for the best furniture, best designs, and the best lightings for our future dream house. I personally want some chandeliers in our living room, some ceiling fan maybe and perfect outdoor lighting fixtures for our yard. What you think?

And recently, I found a site that really captured my tang about lightings.

Just look at this one.

So relaxing and inviting isn’t it? I really love the color and the design of this outdoor light.

What about this vanity lighting, isn't this too precious to be overlooked?

Oh God! I really hope I can have them in our future house.

Well, if time, budget and hubby permits, I can have all of them! Right, dear?
lol! ;)

Spreading the Love

Tagged by Faye.

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6. Spread the BLOG LOVE FEVER!!

BLOGGERS: 1. Jenny Said So 2.) Simply Jen 3.) This and That 4.) Bargain.Sales.Deals. 5. A Slice of Life 6.) Aussie Talks 7. When Mom Talks 8. Me and Mine 9. Creative in Me 10. For the LOVE of Food 11. Little Peanut 12. Pea in a Pod 13. It’s Where the HEART Is 14. Around the World 15.SugarMagnolias 16.kathycot 17. buhay misis 18. when mom speaks 19. walk on red 20. kathycot cooks 21.quicker8 22. Eds Mommy Life 23. My Precious Niche 24. Just Me.. Eds 25. YOUR BLOG HERE

Now it’s your turn to spread this one sisters!

Annette, Yvette, Jona, Arlene, Dez, Avee, Jean, Jesse, Joy, Milet and Vhiel

Thursday, August 14, 2008

No prescription Diet Pills

Are you tired of being overweight, fat, sloppy and unsatisfied with your physique? Well, if yes, you better take phentermin diet pills now!

Yeah, you can easily access these pills with no prescription needed. How? Just visit custom hrt where they can shipped you the pill with no hassles. Quick and easy checkout with no subscription needed.

So click on them now and be on your way to having your diet pills and be slimmer in a few days!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Repair your credit now!

Are you one those people who have been burden by debts and have a bad credit standing? Well, worry no more because I found a site that can give you the best credit repair tips that will reboot your credit reputation.

Credit Repair Concepts is a one step assistant for your credit reports and status. I suggest you visit their site and browse on and see their different services. Yeah, they have a lot I tell you. From basic credit tips, fair credit reporting act, how to establish your credit ratings, identifying credit card fraud to how to catch credit report errors. Not to mention that they give free credit report and score which can help you enable to fix your status immediately.

Wow! They really exist to help burden people to survive huh? Institution like this should be commended for their unwavering services to mankind. Especially, in our generation today, many have suffered and had lost a lot because of credits problems. Good thing someone like this was created to reverse it all.

Hmm.. so if you need help with your credits or know someone who needs their help. Tell them to visit Credit Repair Concepts.

Unfinished Business

When I was younger, I was really doting the "ever traditional and creative past time" of “cross stitching.” :)

I usually go to a stitching store everyday just to buy lots of patterns, clothes and threads for my so-called hobby. I think I got the curiosity to stitch because of my brother’s project. {Well, you know how schools are.}

But something is for sure, when I began a pattern- I never ever FINISH it! Huh?! Oh well, I think that’s the wrong side of me. I actually hate this “nega” trait of mine, somehow I suddenly loose interest and just stop doing it. Urgh!

Here’s the proof of my unfinished business:

Lol! Cute isn’t? I think, it’s about 8 years since I started this one.

Oh well, I just hope I won’t have this unfinished thingy forever! That’s why, I’m blogging off right now to search for an online auto insurance for my boss.

Well, that I must finish or else! Lol! :)