Monday, June 30, 2008

We were Robbed!

Our internet connection was out since Saturday. Why?

Because the cable of our phones and internet connection was cut-off and stolen by unknown individuals! Yeah, we were actually robbed and we didn’t even notice. Maybe the cable robbers did their deed so late in the evening that not even a single good soul was awake.

Good thing, Digitel technicians came today and installed new cables and reconnect our lines. That’s why I’m here, updating my blogs.

Hay, people these days….

Thursday, June 26, 2008

an "O"wesome week for me

After a stormy week last time, this week seems to be a good one for me. Hmm, especially in terms of the “O” letter! Well, you know what I mean db{opps}? Lol!

First, from Monday till today I had some “O” at least 1 to 3 a day, and then today I had 5 in a row! Imagine that! Lol!

Then yesterday, Vannie told me that my post at SS was the best post to date at a certain ad! Yipeey, that really made my day! Ok sorry for being uber excited about that, pero sobrang saya ko lang talaga sa araw na ito! hahaha

Here’s the proof:

Ok, it’s my first time again, that’s why I’m over reacting a bit! Lol!

Hopefully, this O charm will continue till the coming days!lol! {*cross-fingers*}

feast one hundred and ninety five


What is the weather like today where you live?

Today is a little cloudy in our place. The storm Frank is over since last Monday and hopefully next week will be just fine.


On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being highest, how career-minded are you?

As of now, in terms of my work- I may say 6. Yeah quite low because I lack enthusiasm and kinda bored with working all day with papers and numbers. But with my blogging career, I may say 9! Lol!


What type of window coverings do you have in your home? Blinds, curtains, shutters, etc.?

We have long, thick curtains hanging in our windows

Main Course

Name something that instantly cheers you up.

AJ and Opps! Lol!


How many times do you hit the snooze button on a typical morning?

Only once! My hubby might get mad at me if I’ll wake up late, lol!

pimp your video game!

My brother Noel has been really addicted to online games lately. He has been browsing and downloading games from the net for so long that his pc got overloaded and now needs more memory. Lol!

Anyways, as my way of advising him, I told him uninstall all the games he had downloaded and just download 1 or 2 games that he really loves to prevent any further damage on his pc. So while doing that, we tried to browse some online games and found a really interesting online video game known as Dungeon Runners. My bro downloaded the game and really enjoyed playing it from the first hour. I think he had played this game before but it’s a little different now because of an added character the Bling Gnomes.

Do you have any idea what a Bling Gnome is? Well, just for your information and as per my brother Noel, it is a tricked-up helper gnome with a bit of attitude that will follow your character around and pick up all the gold dropped on the ground (that was intended for you to pick up) auto-magically. This way you don't have to go running around and pick it up all the gold yourself, the little gangster will do it for you. Cool huh? But the coolest of them all is the “Pimp You Gnome” contest where people can trick out their own little gnome creations for a chance at fame, a copy of the game, and a $350 Best Buy Gift Card. Yeah, all you have to do is dress yourself up as bling gnome and take some photos of it from at least two sides, post it and go to and download a free game. So easy isn’t it? Look at his very own pimped out bling gnome.

Well, my brother just downloaded the game and he’s now pimping out his bling gnome. Oh he just loves video games! So, if your like my bro and want to win $ 350 Best Buy Gift Card go their site and for more infos! Goodluck!


Sponsored by Dungeon Runners

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

travel to 7 continents

I was tagged by Lira, Aggie and Jhona.

Thanks sisters!

~ Start copy here ~

Rules : 1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy". 2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)
3. Leave your url post in here and I'll add you to the Master List.
4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.
5. Don't play unfair! If you have more than 1 blog, you can participate all your blogs for this tag. BUT you will have to post this tag to all your blogs as well. So, please. Don't cheat!
6. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.
7. Don't forget to use the banner at your post, you can save as or you can just copy the code in here.

Master List :

A. Asia : 1. Moms… Check Nyo (Philippines) 2. Aeirin’s Collections (Philippines) 3. Jenny and Belle(Philippines) 4. Hailey’s Beats and Bits (Philippines) 5. Appleofmyeyes(Saudi Arabia) 6. Deranged Insanity (Philippines) 7. PROJECT HEAVY TRAFFIC (Singapore) 8. Rooms of My Heart (Indonesia) 9. Blessings and Beyond (Philippines) 10. lancerlord (Singapore) 11. allinkorea (Korea) 12. kimchiland (Korea) 13. korean food (Korea) 14. idealpinkrose (Korea) 15. Pinay Mommy Online (Philippines) 16. Momhood Moments (Philippines) 17. Business Mars (Philippines) 18. Maiylah’s Snippets (Philippines) 19. Picture Clusters (Philippines) 20. My Wanderings (Philippines) 21. Hit-or-Miss (Philippines) 22. Life Quest (Philippines) 23. FunFierceFabulous (Phils) 24. and Life Goes On for (Philippines) 25. Moments of Colours (Philippines) 26. Making sense… (somehow) (Philippines) 27. Day To Day (Philippines) 28. My Happy Place 29. Me and Mine (Japan) 30. Little Peanut (Japan) 31. Creative In Me (Japan) 32. Pea in a Pod (Japan) 33. My Wonderful Life ( Phils) 34. Mommy Talks 35. All Kinds of Me 36. Winding Creek Circle 37. The Salad Caper 38. My Precious 39. Just Me.. Eds 40. Eds Mommy Life 41. your turn

B. Australia : 1. Reflexes (Australia) 2. Emcee 3. Outback-Pinay 4. your turn

C. Afrika : 1. your turn

E. South Amerika : 1. your turn

F. Europe : 1. My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands) 2. Juliana’s Site (Netherlands) 3. Picturing of Life (Netherlands) 4. SuperMae (Portugal) 5. The Callalily Space (The Netherlands) 6. Portia (UK) 7. Daily Grind (Germany) 8. Amel’s Realm (Finland) 9. your turn

G. Antarctica : 1. your turn

~ End Copy ~

Now I'm tagging Vicy, Sheng, Marlene, Marie, Chat, Roselle and Malyn

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Monday, June 23, 2008

10 years ago

Got tagged by Lilet.

Thanks sis! ;)

The rules are simple. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leaves a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

~ 10 years ago I was still in my 2nd year college and planning for my debut. Lol!

2. What are the 5 things on my to-do list today?

~ Update my blogs

~ Do some groceries

~ Play and read books with AJ later this evening

~ Eat some snacks after my dinner :)

~ Sleep as soon as possible

3. Snacks I enjoy:

~ Sandwiches and fries

4. Place where I lived:

~ Dau, Pampanga

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire:

~ Share the money with my family both sides and has a business of my won. Also build our new house and build a foundation about babies and elderly.

6. People I want to know more about:

~ I want to know and meet more of my blog buddies

Now, I'm passing this to Lira, Something Purple, Peachy and Rich

the perfect halloween costume

I love Halloween! From its creepiness to its awesomeness. Yeah, isn’t it awesome to see Dracula roaming around the neighborhood asking for a candy? Lol!

That’s why last Halloween, I thought of buying Aj a Halloween costume for the event. I want something really cute and something that can really attract people eyes. Then, if I can able to buy one, I’ll register Aj for some trick or treating event here in our place.

So, I want to the stores and began searching for kids Halloween costumes. I saw a lot of cute costumes but none of them seems to fit Aj’s size. Well, Aj was 1year and 3 months old then, he’s quite little compared to the costumes available at the stores. But still, I went to other stores hoping to see the perfect costume for Aj.

Finally, I saw that seems to fit Aj’s body but unfortunately didn’t pass my taste. That’s the time I gave up searching. Maybe that Halloween was not yet the perfect time for me and Aj to trick or treat. Especially Aj was still too young then.

But this year, Aj is a really a toddler and is perfectly ready for this year’s Halloween. That’s why I’m preparing everything as early as now.

And look at what I found:

Isn’t this cute? I think this will be just perfect for Aj this Halloween, don’t you think?

So cutee!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

my new pc :)

As I posted earlier here. Something really great happened yesterday.

So here’s the kwento.

My hubby fetched me from work yesterday. After that, he invited me to go to SM Pampanga for some frappes. So because I was also craving for some frappes I said yes.We arrived at SM Clark by 6 pm and we went straight to Coffee Overdose for some frost and snack. Yeah, we had mocha frost and not frap (para maiba naman, lol!)

After that, he asks me to have some window shopping here:

Silicon Valley

And ask me what I want to buy a new pc. Of course I said no because I don’t have enough money to buy a new want and that of my preferred package. He said ok and he told me to sit on a chair while chatting to some technician.

After that, they showed me this:

A 19” Acer LCD

I was really stunned by its beauty and would really want it to be mine. I currently have a usual desktop at our home, though I really don’t have any plans of replacing it or whatever. Well, not yet (if budget permits lang)

So on with the story, after all the demo and stuffs I was so shocked when my hubby pullout some cash on his wallet and pays for the LCD! I immediately run to him and ask him what’s he’s doing? He said “ I’m buying a new pc for you “. What?! I was like so shocked and so happy to hear him say that!

At long last, I have a new pc! Now, I can won’t have to suffer from the slow pacing of my old one which is only 80gb in HDD. Though, I’ll keep my old for sentimental value purposes. :) My blogging career has started on that pc.

So, starting today I have a new ACER Aspire M1610, full pack (Pentium Dual Core, 2 GB DDR2 memory, 160 GB HDD and its magnificent 19” LCD!

Thank you labs... hehehe :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

shine, JESUE, shine

I was tagged by Jean with this inspirational meme.

Thanks again sis! :)

~Begin Copy~~

God Has Amazing Things in Store for You

Stars do not struggle to shine; rivers do not struggle to flow, and you will never struggle to excel in life, because you deserve the best. Hold on to your dream and it shall be well with you… Amen.

The eyes beholding this message shall not behold evil, the hand that will send this message to others shall not labor in vain, the mouth saying Amen to this prayer shall laugh forever, remain in God’s love. Good morning, your dream will not die, your plans will not fail, your destiny will not be aborted, and the desire of your heart will be granted in Jesus’ name.

Say a big Amen and if you believe it, send it to all your friends. Blessings will know your name and address beginning this day. None goes to the river early in the morning and brings dirty water. As you are up this morning, may your life be clean, calm and clear like the early morning water. May the grace of the Almighty support, sustain and supply all your needs according to His riches and glory. Amen.

Love the Lord. Have a wonderful day in Jesus’ name.
The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you.
Remember You are Blessed beyond all curses in Jesus’ name (John 10:10)

Rules :
1. Start copy from “Begin Copy” until “End Copy” to your blog
2. Put your own blog name and link.
3. Tag your friends as much as you can, the more the better!

  1. Christinchen’s Soapbox
  2. A Tsinay Blog
  3. Berry Blog
  4. Rojoy's Daily Update
  5. Mommy Joy Of Two
  6. Buzzy Bee Mom
  7. Rojoy’s Daily Update
  8. My Journey
  9. Celebrate Life
  10. Deeply In Love
  11. Jean's Live it Up...
  12. My Precious Niche
I'm passing this prayer tag to Jona, Annette, Chat, Cielo Dezz, Rosilie and Yum

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

my mommy blog

Hi everyone!

Just launced my 3rd blog. :) Actually, I have this blog since I applied for Siteground’s hosting services. This blog will tackle mostly of my mommylife and iI'll be having lots of baby and mommy articles, so better check this out daily too! lol!

So, as of this date I officially have 3 blogs hehehe:

My Precious Blog - all about My Precious Family and any stuffs related to that :)

Just Me... Eds - a blog that will focused mostly on “ ME, MYSELF & I”

Eds Mommy Life - and finally my mommy blog that will tackle mostly of my Mommylife.

So, I hope all of you guys will link all my blog! ha ;)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

wordless wednesday # 15 - " The Forest "

This photo was taken by my hubby last 2 weeks ago, when he had his airsoft game with his friends. This was the placed where they hide and seek hehehe. Aren't the trees lovely? It's like I'm in a Narnia movie or something, lol! Just can't wait to tell hubby that I want to be with them next time they drop by here ;)

By the way, sorry for not being wordless this time lol!

vac that dirt out!

Have you ever heard about cordless vacuum cleaners? Not yet? Oh my, I think you really need to read this post a little further because this might just save you a lot of dollars and sweat as well!

Dirt Devil has a better way to save energy, and had recently launched their most innovative product. The new AccuCharge Stick Vac and Hand Vac have been recently launched to help moms like us to save more time and energy. Yeah, this vac has a designed charger that can fill up energy to the vac and will consume energy 70% off! So, you don’t need the whole house for whole day, just a swipe of their vacs all dusts and dirts will surely be suck in a zippy plus you’ll pay less for the energy you consumed for cleaning.

With its special AccuCharger, you can surely save a lot and conserve more time and energy. It has a high-efficiency charging system that saves time and money while you do your part reducing energy consumption. This advanced system makes AccuCharge the first cordless vacuums to be Energy Star approved! Wow! Isn’t this product sensational or what?

So, what are you waiting for? End your cleaning problem and save our environment as well.


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge

my mom's complicated health

I was really touched when Edz tagged me with a meme about a prayer on Lupus and Cancer patients.

I think most of you don’t know but my mom has this condition called SLE – Systemic Lupus Erythematosus also known as “LUPUS” (a lifetime condition). She was diagnosed with this illness last 2002, but have been experiencing symptoms of it since 1995. Btw, my mom got this illness because of STRESS and not because of her genes.

I can still remember then, I was in 3rd year highschool when my mom was rushed to the hospital because of severe weakness. At the hospital, doctors had a hard time determining her sickness. They were also surprised when my mom’s blood count abruptly drops after a transfusion. The doctor even told my dad “na parang may sumisipsip sa dugo niya”. So, when they said that my dad decided to transfer him to Children’s Medical Center, now known as Dr.Fe Del Mundo Hospital.

That hospital really saved my mom’s life. The doctors there specialize on blood diseases like Leukemia and all sorts, that’s why they knew what to do when they saw my mom. She was then diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia.

After that, all was well. Her doctors said it’s not life-threatening so they gave us some instruction on how to maintain my mom’s health. Years after, my mom experienced some symptoms that are unusual for anemia patients. That was the time when her doctors start testing her on “LUPUS”. She was negative for several years, but became positive by 2002.

When I was younger I linked the term “LUPUS” as the dreadful disease that killed former Pres. Marcos. But when my mom was diagnosed with the disease, it wasn’t that dreadful after all, maybe because we accepted it freely with a slightly broken heart. And good thing, her doctors oriented us with the disease and told us that it’s up to us on how to make things healthy. And because they also told me that the former President didn’t die on Lupus, he died from its complications.

Now it’s 2008 and as expected my mom had some complications. She had Diabetes last year and just recently had “Lupus Vasculitis” – the inflammation of small blood vessels. Vasculitis is not life threatening because it only affects the small blood vessels of our body. But as proven by my mom, this complication is painful. Hay, if only God can grant me one wish in my whole lifetime, I would definitely wish for my mom’s health to be close to perfect!

Though we’re still thankful that my mom’s doing fine even though she’s burden with these complications.

Hay, life! You’ll never know what in store for you in the future.

the flame of friendship

Got this from my new friend VICY.

Thanks sis! :)

The Flame of Friendship.

A symbol of spirit of unity.

The burning icon of love.

Undying picture of hope.

The hot symbol of oneness.

The Flame of Friendship.

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Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end

and add your blog on the list below.

Let's start FLAMING!


The People Who Accepted The Flame of Friendship


Tiklaton: We are the witness.

Janeth Vicy's Life Journey.

My Precious


(now, you follow!)

OOOPSS!! Don't forget to invite your friends!



I am now passing this flame of friendship to all my blogger friends.

Now, I'm passing this flame to Jenn, Marilyn, Kelly, Mhay, Tere, Arlene, Jean and Vein.

solve your budget problems

“What will you do if it’s a week before your payroll and you’re already out of budget?” Well, this has been recently the “in” question for us working moms. Yeah, we do receive our payroll on time and somehow earn much from it, but of course, there are lots of times where some out of the budget expenses occurred unexpectedly. And to make this scenario worst, you don’t have any savings to back you up!

Now, let’s go back to the question again, what will you do if ever that will happen?

Well, if you ask me, I’ll definitely check on some payday loans offers and apply for it. Lucky for us, payday loans are now being offered online! Yeah, you can get fast cash of up to $100 to $2,500 overnight and can be delivered to you asap! Wow! What an offer!

All you have to do is meet their requirements, apply online and you’re set to receive your cold cash up to $2,500 after midnight! Gosh, I can’t believe that there is something like this in the internet. Just can’t wait to tell my buddy moms about this great stuff! ( well, just in case they get a little dumpy, lol!)

how mature am I?

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have your cash after midnight!

Nowadays, the purchasing power of our money had splash down significantly. This downfall has been the result of the inevitably regular increase on oil prices and the limited supply of commodities and resources versus the increasing demand on these commodities.

So, what do you think will this economic issue leads to? Obviously, this leads to shortage of cash in our pocket. And this will be the time where we need to search for alternative financial resources other than our jobs, before we zero out!

Oh, I don’t want that to happen to me! That’s why, I recently swayed myself to be more equipped for some cash advance application, in case I get short. Yeah, it’s better to be prepared than to be dumpy, right? That will be too humiliating and inconvenient for me and my family.

Good thing, I was able to browse and found this great site that can give me the cash that I need asap! Yeah, as in you can have the cash at midnight after you applied. And the best of them all, all of us are pre-qualified to have cash advance for up to $2,500! Wow! Isn’t this the best help ever!

So, if you need cash ASAP, check them out now! Just fill out their application and have your cash deposit to your account in a zippy!

my black dress

What Your Little Black Dress Says About You

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Monday, June 16, 2008

best among the rest

Online casinos nowadays have been sprouting like mushrooms after a rainy day. They have been roaming around the net and have been convincing lots of gamers and enthusiast that they are the best in the online casino industry. But do you think that they are really the best among the rest?

Well, think no more because now I just found a site that can give you the list of the most reputable online casinos in the World Wide Web. This is not a joke, they features the latest software technology that offers state of the art game graphics and sounds! Coupled with generous offers, a large selection of games, fast payouts and best of all they have the most friendliest and fast customer service support!

So what do you think?

moment of truth

Got a tag from Vannie , Mich, d' Cooking Mudra Princess , Kathy and Jenny.

Thanks sisters!

:::Start here:::
1. Sojourn 2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic 3. See Me for what You Will 4. LAINY’S MUSINGS 5. OUR JOURNEY TO FOREVER6. My Paperless Writings 7. As The World Turns 8. My Daily Discourse 9.From This Side 10. Our Family Adventure! 11. Shopaholic Ties the Knot 12. Fun|Fierce|Fabulous 1
3. My Colorful World 14. D'Cooking Mudra 15. Princess 16. Jenny and Belle 17. 18. My Precious

Are you deeply in love with your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend? If you do, let’s try how well you remember the moment of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.


1. This tag should be pass on to your friends.

2. Visit the blog of the person you’ve got this tag.

3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.

4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.

5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag. Here are the questions. Be honest with your answers.

Lets Start:

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
~ I met my hubby here in the office where I’m currently working

2. Where did you go on your first date?
~ FIRST OFFICIAL date din was in a cozy restaurant. (with dim lights and a piano playing as part of the effects ).. totoo toh ha, promise!

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
~ Oh my! You mean torrid kissing? hahahaha ... I think that was MAY 2004 (a month after I said “Yes”)

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
~ As far as I know “many to mention, pero hindi daw lahat serious dahil naka focus siya sa barakada and sport nya bwahahaah

5. What is his/her ethnicity?
~ Purong Pinoy

6. What is his/her favorite food?
~ Actually he loves anything that is edible. Lol! But he also loves frappes btw and hates mc do's floats ( ironically)!

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
~ I get scared when he’s mad, though he’s not the violent type, scared parin ako :i

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he’d/she’d ever done?
~ Hmm.. I think the time he gave me a card and a cd with my and his favorite love songs ( it was his first time kc )

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.
~ No formal proposal (thanks Vans!) I got preggy before hand. Lol! Though, we talked about the “wedding thing” earlier (nung hindi pa ako preggy)

10. When did you know he was the ONE?
~ When we had our first kiss .. heheh

:::End here:::

You’re next in line.. Jona, Alpha, Jesse, Sheila, Lisa, Lira, Kathy, Yum and Vhiel

Saturday, June 14, 2008

is he TV-holic?

I’m talking about Aj. Ever since he turned 1 yr and 10 this month, his sleeping habits have become more unsettling.

When he was less than a year old, AJ was caught off sleeping by 7pm. Then, when he was a year and a half old his latest wake hour was 8:30 pm. But now that he’s reaching his terrible two stages, you can still hear him talking till 10:30pm! Gosh! By that time, I’m dreadfully begging him to sleep!

Hmm, whatever happened to my early babe sleeper?

And about the TV thingy, I think he’s been watching a lot especially when I’m not around. I’ve observed that he loves commercial clips more than before and loves “Joaquin Bordado”, which is quite disturbing for me as a mom, because whenever his in front of the TV watching, you couldn’t divest his attention easily from it. And for me, this might also be a probable cause for his late sleeping habit. Am I right? What should I do?

Do you think its right for me to be anxious or am I overreacting again?

Friday, June 13, 2008

hulk was incredible

Ok, I must admit I am a certified Marvel aficionado now. I think I got it all from hubby. {*giggle*}

I mean who wouldn’t be? He dragged me from all of the Marvel movies since Spiderman to this one. {He literally brain wash me hahaha }But in fairness ha, I loved those characters since I was a kid and even played with their action figures. Well, I have 2 brothers and no sisters to play with me, so I had no choice but to play with boy’s toys. :)

Anyways, we watched “Incredible Hulk” yesterday and I think I really like it more than Narnia, Yeah, promise! I really do. Even though Ben Barnes was not there, I still think the movie was great (for me)! Well, I don’t want to relay the details of the movie, I’m not planning to post a spoiler here.

I just want to tell you guys that it’s a great watch, especially the end part where one Marvel superhero appeared and I think will become visible in the next Hulk flick. Great! :)

Oh I just can’t wait for the part 3! hihihi.. I love Ed Norton btw, just love those blue eyes of his! {*wink*} :)

sharing the love

I received this very special award Sharing the Love from Mhay & Thea.

Thank you very much sisters! I really appreciate it.

This award is extra special because Crystal created it in honor of the donor who saved her sons life. Her son Noah had to have a heart transplant when he was just over a month old. This award is supposed to help raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

So, here are the rules Crystal gave:

“The rules of this award are: SHARE THE LOVE!!! Share this award with all those blogs out there that you love. All the people who make you smile. All those that make you laugh. All those that make your day. All those that leave uplifting comments on your blog. **All I ask, is that you include a link to this post with the award and ask your recipient to do the same**

As you may have recently seen on my side bar, I have finally created a custom blog award!! I have wanted to do this for a long time but never came up with something that “fit”. I didn’t want just anything. It had to be something that meant something to me. And what could mean more than Sharing the Love by giving you pieces of my heart??

So I created this award in Honor Of The Donor That Saved Noah’s Life. I share this award with those of you whose love and friendship have enriched my life and made my world a better place.

I hope by passing this award around the blogging world we can all help raise awareness of the need for Organ Donation.”

And now I'm sharing the love with Abie, Alpha, Jean, Nova, Berry, Jane, Joy, Juliana, Yen, Shabem, Edz and Something Purple.