Monday, March 31, 2008

Bataan Getaway - the Cave (3/3)

Yes, I'm back from our trip! See more of our Bataan trips here:

And lastly, here is our Bataan Getaway- The Cave (3/3)

After our island escapade, we went around the island for some cave hunting..
And here are some of our pictures..


Then unexpectedly it started to rain...

It was a bit scary actually, especially when you see the clouds and the waves...

But we still survive to smile :)

The we arrived... and the rain suddenly stopped...


Opps, bakit may naligaw na groto dito bwahahaha :)

This is my hubby.. doing his antics, lol! :)


Hay, what a day! I was so happy that everything went smoothly.

This is a day I will never forget, I never thought something this beautiful was just so near and within my reach. And btw, this was my first ever beach bonding moment with hubby! That's why it's extra special! :)

Bye everybody, till next trip!!! hahahaha

Saturday, March 29, 2008

beautiful eyes

Before I signed off, I'm leaving you guys with Aj's cute pic. Syempre bukas wala ako look at my post here.

Anyways, this is how Aj makes a "pacute beautiful eyes..." :)

hmmmm sarap kurutin!

Happy Weekend everyone!!!

do you have a boat?

Have you ever heard of boat donations? Well, as for me, it’s my first time. But there’s definitely an organization that encourage people to donate boats for their ministry.

Angel Ministries is the root of Boat Angel, they use boa donations to create children’s animations and anti-drug documentaries. Other than boat donations they also have other sites where you can donate cars like in Pretty awesome right? Their ministry was created to help children in need and help stop drug addiction on children.

So, if you have the heart and the boat that is not in use anymore donate them now, and you will surely save lives. If only I have a boat, I will definitely donate my boat to charity.

this is live TV!

Have you been dreaming of having a live tv show of your own or want to be discovered and be famous in the World Wide Web? If yes, I have just the site for you.

BlogTV is a place where you can show off your talent, build a fan base and share your opinions LIVE! Yes, it is definitely a live show for everybody. You bring the camera, they bring the stage. They're here to help you get your 15 minutes of fame. All you need to do is do your thing with your camera and your internet and you’re instant famous in live broadcast!

So there, the net is all what it takes for you to achieve you dream, with blogtv you’re fame is within reach!

Friday, March 28, 2008

feast one hundred and eighty five

What does the color dark green make you think of?

It made me think of the dark forest and the creatures under the sea.

How many cousins do you have?

More than 20! It might not be Friday if I you really want the actual count.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how honest are you?

Sometimes 8, sometimes 5, it varies depending on the situation hahaha

Main Course
Name something that is truly free.

Happiness - you can never buy true happiness!

Using the letters in the word SPRING, write a sentence.
oon People who Roams around this planet will perish If they won't start Nurturing its Gifts now!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

no cheating please

hank you Yvette for this....

Name 11 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath until you write the names of all 11 people. This is a lot funnier if you actually randomly list the names first.. No cheating.

1. Jona
2. Melvin
3. Red
4. Sheila
5. Sharlyn
6. Faye
7. Cristin
8. Adrian
9. Rose
10. Mae
11. Rodz

Now, it's time to answer the following questions:

At work, she is one of our production supervisors

Hmm, she’s actually one of my best friends and I think it will be lonely not knowing her.

Oh, impossible! # 6 is married and # 2 is a gay lol!

ngek! Heler! Di tyo talo sis! hahaha


yeah a lot of times

noh, not really, he’s always here in the office eh lol!

I think her hubby Jeff

Babaero hahaha, but a nice friend

Kawawa, kc babaero hubby nya ( #3) hahahah!

Oh my pareho silang girl?

Any boy will do! Lol!

Ofcourse, he’s mine now

Yeah as a sister

Yes, definitely many times with # 8 and with # 4,6,7,11

Who are your Oceans 11
Pam, Peachy, Petra, Pretty, Posh and Princess

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

wordless wednesday # 5

make a wish

Thanks Thea & HappyMum for this nice tag.

It’s the “Make a Wish” Meme.

Here are the rules:

1. Think about what it is that you want more than anything, what your heart’s desire and fondest wish is, and what it is that you would wish for if you were to see the above wishing star flame across the night sky.

2. Right click and SAVE the blank graphic below.

3. Use a graphics program of your choice and place your wish on this picture.

Thanks girls, I really had fun doing it!

Now, I'm passing this to Jhona, Lhen, Mich, Abie, Marlene, Rosemarie and Shabem

Monday, March 24, 2008

it training for you

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So enroll now especially that Technical Professionals are continuing to grow at a fast rate. So if you’re excited at the prospect of starting a technology career, simple select a program, review career information, and get started today!

digg into this

Look at this:

How many cannibals could your body feed?

Created by OnePlusYou - Free Online Dating

Wow! May laman naman pla ako kahit papaano! hahaha :)

i'm bloggy back!

I’m back! After a long vacation due to holy week, this (I think) is my first day of serious blogging (again!). I wasn’t able to get online for the past few days because I tried some fasting thingy. Yeah, I really did some sacrifice in my own little way. How? Well, I tried to repel myself from all sorts of blogging and devoted my full time and energy to my family, especially in taking care of AJ. I also tried to meditate in a way while watching some religious visuals from the bible.

Overall, it was actually worth it! Not boring at all! Well, eventhough my PR went down because of low traffic and no updates, less opps and all, “I don’t really care”.(plastic!) lol! No kidding! I really felt a fulfilling sensation because of what I did! And that actually made me happier even though I have less opps or none at all.

Ehem ehem, but of course today that I’m back, it’s a different thing! Need more opps to the highest level! Need more traffic, need to visit some bloggy friends and finished some tags! Hahahah

To all my buddies, expect me to visit your blog this week! Visit me din ha! hahaha

Sunday, March 23, 2008

the chef to be

It has been my long time dream to really cook for my family and now I want to pursue that dream. As most of you know, my dad is a chef in a prestigious restaurant, so it’s not that remote that I might be the next one in line in culinary cooking.

That’s why I’m currently searching for the best culinary school online. Luckily, I found this site that helps an enthusiast reach for the chef school that he can enroll in. From culinary arts, pastry and baking, hospitality or restaurant management, this site has the list of culinary schools for one’s culinary dream.

Hmm, I just can’t wait to enroll to one of these schools and fulfill my dream.

Monday, March 17, 2008

lazy day today

This is a very lazy day for me. I know it’s the start of the week and I have to make it like uber fruitful so that the rest of the days within this week will continue having "the Monday vibes".

But what can I do, “tinatamad talaga ako”, especially that the weather is very gloomy because of the nimbus clouds all over the sky! Lol!

Then, other than my “katamaran”, I feel so sleepy din, why? Well, Aj has been crying the whole night because of his cough. (Kainis! Nasobrahan sa swimming!). Now, the mini pool has been disposed by my hubby and is now officially stored at our storage room! Lol, sinisi ba ang pool!

Fyi, here’s my post on Aj’s first splash in his mini-swimming pool.

Haay, I just hope Aj feels a lot better now and that we'll have a good night sleep this evening.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

aj @ 19 months

Here are some of Aj's latest picture now at his 19th month.


Kamukha na nya talaga ang daddy nya here... :)

Treasured Milestones:
~ He's able to comprehend simple instructions like “put the thing in the box”, “go to daddy”, “call the puppy”, “ stop doing that”

~ He knows and speak a lot of words – like daddy, mama, joko (name of his cousin) tatang & ma’ma” (for his grandparents), cry, hug, love-love, nose, eyes, ears mouth, teeth, sponge bob, apple.

~ He knows and can distinguish parts of the body like eyes, nose, mouth, ear, hand, tummy and teeth!

~ He sort off memorize most of the animal sound and names in his brainy baby books, as in he can utter the exact name of the animal plus its sounds like the “goat and meee”, “ duck and quack-quack”

~ Knows shapes and most of the alphabets - like circle, square, oval, star and diamond, "a - s" (though he cannot utter them yet in their exact order)

~ He really loves basket ball and swimming in his new pool.

~ He counts while showing his fingers- count up to 5! But the numbers are not so clear yet :)

~ He love to dance to any sounds, especially those in my cp lol!

~ He can draw a circle though not that round

~ Eat with a spoon! But he's really messy.

~ He's a great climber, jumper and runner.

~ Can sing a bit the second verse of twinkle twinkle little star! Up above….

I think he'll be a great athlete in the future :)

Hmm, what else? To be continued… ;)

calling all foodies

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Oh yeah before I forget, the best deal about this
site is everything is free! So if you want to savor the flavor of being a foodie visit this site and register now like what I just did! At you can share the food you love.

a lifetime treasure

This mother’s day I really want to give my mom a very special gift. So, I thought of buying her a special memory keepsake that she can wear all the time and she can cherish for a lifetime– a locket will be just perfect isn’t it?

Since, I was a young girl, I was already fascinated with lockets. I really find them so precious, so sentimental and so perfect for expressing one’s love and for preserving memory. But unfortunately, I can’t seem to find any store near our place that sells lockets. That’s why I was so thrilled that I came across this site – is a customized jewelry website with unique photo engraving technology to make personalized jewelry. They are the only company capable of providing a photo lasering insertion service direct into lockets. They have
gold lockets, white gold and sterling silver lockets available for preview and order on their website.

I thought of buying this 14K Yellow Gold Medium Victorian Heart Locket for my mom,

but had some second thoughts after seeing this Sterling Silver Locket.

Such a beauty...

need help on your credit ?

Need a loan or a credit card but don’t have a good credit to make you qualify? Frown no more because I recently discovered a great site that focuses on helping people with bad credits. Yes, this site really helps people apply credit cards for bad credit. Through their online bad credit credit card department which compares top credit cards on the market to support its clients with bad credit.

Their bad credit credit cards are customize for people who have a less fortunate finances that really dream of having a bad credit credit card of their own. Consumer can definitely apply for the offer that fits them and by making payments on time.

Friday, March 14, 2008

feast one hundred and eighty three

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how much do you like your own handwriting?
I say around 8, 5 sometimes. It depends on my mood. :)

Do you prefer baths or showers?
I love baths, I love using my luscious sensual bath creams or wash

What was the last bad movie you watched?
Hmm, “Dawn of the Dead” – too much blood and very gruesome!

Main Course
Name something you are addicted to and describe how it affects your life.
I’m really addicted to blogging! Isn’t it obvious? It affects my work negatively because I have so much delay since I started blogging! Lol!

Which instrument is your favorite to listen to?
I love listening to the strung of the guitar and the soothing rhythm of the saxophone (both very relaxing for me)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

i am ...

Got this tag from Vannie & C.A. "tque". Thanks sisters! :)

I AM… WHO I AM! :)

I WANT… to be successful in what ever endevour I do

I HAVE… so many precious people in my life right now

I WISH… my family & me can be healthy forever

I HATE… people who are unreal

I FEAR… death

I SEARCH… for lifetime content

I WONDER… how's my future be?

I REGRET… nothing

I LOVE… so many things in my life now, my family, myself, blogging!

I ALWAYS… seek the help of our Saviour in most of my decision

I AM NOT… "plastic"

I DANCE… gracefully! ( I hope! )

I SING… most of the time :)

I CRY… often, especially when I watch "Maging Sino Ka Man" loL!

I WRITE… about my baby & hubby most of the time in my blog

I WON… my best price when I met Adrian and gave birth to AJ!

I AM CONFUSED… why there's illness in this world!

I NEED… more rest and healthy foods

I SHOULD… really thank God for so many things in my life right now

THE LAST THOUGHT YOU GO TO SLEEP WITH IS… I hope I'll have more opps tomoro mornin! lol! addict! :)

Now, I would love to pass this to Rosemarie, Jane, Mari, Marga, Malyn, Marie ,Marilyn & Marie

little angel

This cutie little angel was given to me by Lhen.

Thank you so much sis, for always remembering me ! :)

Now, I'm passing this cutie to Jesse, Jing, Jody, Joey, Joy, Joyce, Julia, Juliana & Jullifer