Friday, February 29, 2008

feast one hundred and eighty one

Who was the last person you hugged?

Ah, my baby AJ, I always hugged him before I leave the house for work :)

Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us.
I'm not really into beauty tips or something, but I think the best beauty tip that I can give is " Always have a positive outlook in Life, eventhough many trials had come, remember to never-ever to forget to "smile"! :)

What does the color yellow make you think of?
Yellow for me is a color of a "chicken", literally speaking a real "chicken". Well, I just had my lunch so I'm not that hungry. I don't know why I relate that color to chickens? lol!

Main Course
If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around?
I think I would be more of a nature photographer. I really love the scene of a blooming flower or a rising sun.

What was the longest book you ever read?

Hmm, the longest book I've read was my High School Filipino subject "Noli Me Tangere" lol! I mean, I'm not really into novel type of books, some of my reads are inspirational and informative stuffs like "Chicken Soup for The Soul" or "What To Expect".

breast reduction for Aunt Terry

Here’s my follow up story about my friend Theresa. Remember her? About her plastic surgery? Yeah, she’s really going to push with all her surgeries. No more second thoughts or whatsoever. She called me again last night and she told me that her Aunt Terry wants to have a breast reduction, lol!

Yeah, Theresa went to Aunt Terry’s house yesterday morning and told her about her scheduled surgeries in the coming days. Aunt Terry got curious and asked Theresa to visit Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Clinic for some consultations and check out their facilities as well. You know what happen? Because of her visit, she was so convinced that she immediately reserved for a schedule same as that of Theresa’s for her breast reduction. Lol! Talking about a family of surgeries huh!

She said that she really want to experience the best Los Angeles breast reduction in town! Lol! As Rodeo Drive is regarded as Los Angeles tummy tuck and Los Angeles breast reduction capital of the metro. Who wouldn’t want that when Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center is located on the world's most glamorous boulevard, which also brings these same standards to your breast surgery. Plus their staff works to provide the best possible surgical outcomes in a setting that embodies the standards and lifestyle you seek. This means attention to your individual needs before, during, and after your breast surgery. Their beautiful offices are designed to afford you maximum comfort. Our staff is trained to anticipate your needs and wishes. Best of all their surgical facilities are built and run at the uppermost standards, to ensure the highest level of safety.

Wow! So what are you waiting for? If you really want to be at your best bod, visit Rodeo Drive now.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

goodbye binky

You know what? I’m really happy! Why? Aj just said goodbye to his “binky” (pacifier). Yipeey! Isn’t that good news for a mom striving to eliminate a pacifier from her dependent baby? Yipeey again!

Well, the goodbye thingy wasn’t really planned. It was last 2 weeks ago, when my FIL & Aj went out to buy something at a nearby grocery, and accidentally lost the pacifier. Aj might have spit his binky out of boredom so he dropped it from we don’t know where.

Actually my FIL didn’t notice that Aj’s pacifier was on his mouth when they left the house, so all along he thought that Aj’s binky is safe and sound. It was only after a few hours when they realized that they have lost it.

At first, everyone was hysterical. We were so afraid that Aj might not sleep well that night or every night after that, without his pacifier. (Remember my post when we lost it before at my Mom’s house? They even went out 1 in the morning just to purchase another one. ) So, what we did was we went to the mall and search for a pacifier that looks and feels like Aj’s old binky.

Unfortunately, it was out of stock, so we purchased something like it nalang. But Aj didn’t like it. He emit the new pacifier out of his mouth and just cried. Hay! I thought it will never end. But after a few days (mga 2 days cguro) his binky dependency seems to subside. Now, he sleeps well and even eats well pa! Lalu nga syang tumakaw! Para bang ang food ang nagging outlet nya when he feels the urged of “sucking”.

So there, I’m really thankful that the pacifier was lost and Aj was able to adjust without it for just a couple of days. It was really a “blessing in disguise”. My worries about any dental and speech problems that the pacifier might trigger are also over. Thank God talaga! :)

canada here they come :)

My MIL & FIL plans to visit my SIL who recently gave birth to her first child in Canada. They are really excited to see their first ever “girl” grandchild. They hope to travel by the end of March this year, so they really need to settle things up as early as possible.

One of their unsettled issues is their hotel reservations. Uhuh, they haven’t booked where they are going to stay for the rest of the trip, so as for me who am always online, I was the one assigned to help them resolve what hotel they’ll be staying, the cars they will used etc.

Luckily, I know one site that can help me solve these problems in a zippy! Hotel has it all from booking your hotels, flights, cars, vacation rentals & vacation packages. Plus they offer great hotel discounts and affordable packages worldwide. Not only that, you can also use their complete city guide for your reservation or for planning your trip and call their toll fee hotline to book your trip or a group trip and experience their great discount!
With their competitive rates and services you can be sure that you’ll have your best travel ever, worldwide!

So, where else should I reserve them but here. :) I just have to get some information from them in a little while and I'm done.

Can’t wait to booked them up and ask for some “pasalubong” for a job well done. Lol!

i live inside my head?!

I got tagged by Lhen with this blogthing.

Thanks sis!:) Sorry for the long overdue ;)

Your Birthdate: July 16

You're incredibly introverted and introspective. You live inside your head.

You spend a lot of alone time meditating and thinking.

People see you as withdrawn, and at times they are right.

You are caring and deep, but it may be difficult for you to show this side of yourself.

Your strength: Your original approach to thinking
Your weakness: You tend to shy away from others
Your power color: Pale blue
Your power symbol: Wavy line
Your power month: July

This is really true :) I'm a real shy girl! lol!

she's really on the go!

Remember my friend Theresa? Yes, the one who was called “Fatsie” by her hubby? Lol! Well, she’s definitely pursued her goal of getting her old body back, she just went to Rodeo Drive last 2 days ago and had her liposuction and tummy tuck scheduled. Yes, she wants a tummy tuck too together with the lipo! Talking about perseverance huh! What did I tell you, she’s really desperate!

Actually her plan was to have some liposuction done first, but when she arrives at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery, she saw what a great place and how great their facilities were. So upon consultation, she was also encouraged to undergo abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, where it can solve her post pregnancy tummy problems. After the surgery, they assured that she will definitely have contoured & a smoother belly than before.

Can you believe than the procedure is often done as an outpatient! And with a recovery either at a specialized overnight care center or at home, sometimes with a private duty nurse. It is performed under general anesthesia administered by a physician anesthesiologist to minimize discomfort during the procedure. Wow, aren’t’ they the best or what? If they don’t have the best surgeons in California, I don’t know where else you can find such experts! So, my friend is really on the go! If her surgery with Rodeo Drive will be successful, I think she’s considering of having her breast augmentation too! Lol!

My friend really has the cash and the drive huh!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

wordless wednesday # 4

fantastic blogger award

Alpha awarded me this Fantastic Blogger Award!. Love this one sis, a real trophy in deed! :)

Thank you so much! Now, I'm passing this to Lhen, Jona, Rosemarie, Thira, Quen, Chikai, Cheryl & Bless

capture your best moments forever!

My hubby's clan is such a picture buff, as in! They love to take pictures almost every where they go, and mostly they shot them at the comfort of their own house. Which is for me is very essential and very artistic to preserve a special memory, that’s why I’m one of them now. Lol!

Anyways, I just talked to my SIL last night and she was so excited to tell me about their plan to have their family photo (with their new baby girl) taken by the most renowned Mark Oristano- the best Dallas photographer ever.

Mark Oristano Photgraphy offers the best photography and best Dallas headshots ever, with his 100% guarantee that you’ll only have to pay him if you’re thrilled beyond belief with your photographs, is the best offer in any Dallas photography. Yes! You read it right, if you’re not thrilled with his work for any reasons at all, he will either re-touch your photographs, or photograph your family again and make sure that anything that wasn't perfect is fixed, without you paying another cent. And if you’re still unsatisfied with his photographs he will refund EVERY PENNY you invested in them. Wow! You don't pay for your photographs unless you love them beyond expression! Isn’t that the greatest deal ever! My SIL is very lucky to have found someone like Mark.

I just can’t wait to see the photos!

Monday, February 25, 2008

caught in the act :)

Yes, I was caught in the act of blogging! :)

My officemate took these pictures last Saturday morning, while I was busy blogging! I got stunned when I heard the "click click" sound of his cam. hehehe :)

So, para hindi mawala ang poise, nagpapicture uli ako sa knya hehehhe

I told him to erase these pictures sa kanyang cam after I upload it or else I'll tell our boss that if I'm busy blogging, I'll tell them that he spends all his time updating his friendster and downloading nude photos and scandals! kya ngka virus pc nya. lol! (blackmail hehehe)

8 ramdom bits & pieces about Aj

If you want to read the post, just click here. :)

Happy Monday!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

speed test

Got tag by Nova, Norms, Joey & Nors with the "Speed Test". Thanks so much!

As expected, I'm have some slow typing fingers here! :)


Now, I'm tagging Jona, Jean, Mich, Alpha, Cel, Posh & Chic

Friday, February 22, 2008

feast one hundred and eighty

Have you ever played a practical joke on anyone? If so, what did you do and who was your victim?
Yes, the time i texted my officemate about me being his secret admirer. I even called him and told that I'm really crazy for him. Then I suddenly stop doing that because everytime I see this officemate of mine, he always tell me that he recently got an indecent proposal from his secret admirer. Gosh! (up to know he still don't know that I was his so-called secret admirer, lol!)I'm really afraid to tell hm the truth.

What do your salt and pepper shakers look like?
They are just those little tube shakers, those very typical ones

Where is the next place you plan to visit (on vacation or business)?
We're planning to take a trip to Macau for a short vacation and to visit my SIL.

Main Course
What kind of lotion or cream do you use to keep your hands from getting too dry?

I sometimes used Vaseline Unscented and the Mark Spencer's Honey Hand Lotion

Make up a dessert, tell us its ingredients, and give it a name.

I call it Blogzy Tiramisu :) I really couldn't think of something right now. :)

6 eggs, separated
3 tablespoons white sugar
1 pound mascarpone cheese
2 tablespoons brandy
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups strong brewed coffee, room temperature
30 ladyfinger cookies
8 ounces finely chopped bittersweet chocolate

Have your feast here.

domino effect

Got tagged by Vannie. Thanks sis!

Here it is!

Rule: Copy the entire list and add your name at the bottom. And tag at least 5 friends. (But you can tag as many as you like)

Thea (


You may want to allow pings on your entry to enjoy the full domino effect. Have fun!

Now, it's your turn to play along - Kathy, Sarah, Thet, Rich, Yen & Raquel

Thursday, February 21, 2008

reunited part 2

Last January ’08,(late post huh) my dearest friend Faye, came home here in the Philippines to have some rest from their undying work in the US. She is actually based in Torrance CA and currently got her license there as a CPA. So, imagine how she’s adjusting on her new career as a professional. She definitely needs some rest!

Her visit this time was unannounced and we were quite shock to read (via text sms) that they (she & her hubby Jude) just arrived!

This is like a once in a year chance, so definitely we didn’t waste time. We went out and had some fun (as in kwentuhan galore, at si Faye ang host! lol!)

Here are some of our pictures!

~ G, ney, faye, rods, sha, tin and me ~

~ jude, faye, ney, sha ( noel where are u?), tin, rods, g, me and my hubby (nasa dulo! ntakpan sa cam)

~ ayan, see us there sa dulo? ~

Arrgh... please excuse my fly away hair! (I hate it really!) At least now that hair has been expunged na, coz I already had it cut and rebonded. lol! (pasaway kc eh, hehehe)

We really had fun Faye! See you soon!

Btw, reunited part 1 was the day of my wedding!

i am a bull frog?!

I got this tag from Norms & Jona. Thanks girl for sharing me this tag.


This is me: July 16 (actually the description below really states the real me) :)

If you are a Bullfrog : You symbolize a very happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be, grim or cheerful, you remain unaffected. In fact, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of fri ends! and good at consoling pe ople in their times of need. You dislike hypocrisy and tend to shirk away from hypocrites. They can never be in your good books, no matter what. You are very methodical and organized in your work. No amount of mess, hence, can ever encompass you. Beware, it is easy for you to fall in love....

Don't forget to scroll down to see what it says about you.

January 01 - 09 ~ Ass
January 10 - 24 ~ Slug
January 25 - 31 ~ Cockroach
February 01 - 05 ~ Parasite
February 06 - 14 ~ Bullfrog
February r y 15 - 21 ~ Skunk
February 22 - 28 ~ Snake
March 01 - 12 ~ Ape
March 13 - 15 ~ Cockroach
March 16 - 23 ~ Slug
March 24 - 31 ~ Parasite

April 01 - 03 ~ Ass
April 04 - 14 ~ Snake
April 15 - 26 ~ Slug
April 27 - 30 ~ Skunk
May 01 - 13 ~ Slug
May 14 - 21 ~ Bullfrog
May 22 - 31 ~ Cockroach
June 01 - 03 ~ Slug
June 04 - 14 ~ Skunk
June 15 - 20 ~ Ass
June 21 - 24 ~ Ape
June 25 - 30 ~ Parasite

July 01 - 09 ~ Slug
July 10 - 15 ~ Ass
July 16 - 26 ~ Bullfrog
July 27 - 31 ~ Parasite
August 01 - 15 ~ Ape
August 16 - 25 ~ Slug
August 26 - 31 ~ Skunk
September 01 - 14 ~ Bullfrog
September 15 - 27 ~ Parasite
September 28 - 30 ~ Ass

October 01 - 15 ~ Ape
October 16 - 27 ~ Skunk
October 28 - 31 ~ Snake
November 01 - 16 ~ Cockroach
November 17 - 30 ~ Parasite
December 01 - 16 ~ Ass
December 17 - 25 ~ Ape
December 26 - 31 ~ Bullfrog

If you are an Ass : A very loyal and sweet person. Your loyalty can never be doubted. You are quite honest and sincere when it comes to your attitude towards working. You are a very simple person, indeed. Absolutely hassle free, humble, and down-to-earth!! That explains the reason why your friends cling on to you! You have a good taste for clothes. If your wardrobe is not updated with what is trendy, you sure are depressed. Popular and easy-going. You have a little group of dignified friends, all of them being quality-personified.

If you are a Slug : Always up to some sort of a mischief! The mischievous gleam in your eyes is what make s you so cute and attractive to everyone. You are an extremely fun-to-be-with kind of person. No wonder people seek your company and look forward to include you for all get-together. However, you are sensitive which is a drawback. People need to select their words while talking to you. If someone tries to fiddle around and play with words while dealing with you, it is enough to invite your wrath. God bless the person then!

If you are a Cockroach : Quite contradictory to your name, you are a peace loving person. You best try to avoid a situation wherein you are required to fight. An outdoor person, you dislike sitting at one place for a long duration. You are a born leader, and have it in you how to tactful! y derive work from people. You love being loved and when you receive your share of limelight from someone, you are all theirs!!!! Well, well... Hence some people could even take an advantage, flatter you to the maximum and get their work done. So be careful.....

If you are a Parasite : An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and going into depth of each thing. Under normal circumstances you're cool but when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird. People look forward to you as an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You observe care in choosing your friends.

If you are a Skunk : You are near to perfect and nice at heart! . The examples of your kindness are always circulated in groups of people. You, too, love peace. You wouldn't like to retaliate even to a person who is in the wrong. You are loved due to this. You do not wish to talk behind one's back. People love the way you always treat them. You can give, give, and give love, and the best part is that you do not expect it back in return. You are generous enough. Seeing things in a practical light is what remains the best trait of you guys.

If you are a Bullfrog : You symbolize a very happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be, grim or cheerful, you remain unaffected. In fact, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of fri ends! and go od at consoling pe ople in their times of need. You dislike hypocrisy and tend to shirk away from hypocrites. They can never be in your good books, no matter what. You are very methodical and organized in your work. No amount of mess, hence, can ever encompass you. Beware, it is easy for you to fall in love....

If you are a Snake : You are mysterious. You are someone who can handle pressure with ease, and can handle any atmosphere without going berserk. You can be mean at times, and love to gossip with your selected group. Very prim and proper. You like all situations and things to be in the w! ay you desire, which, sometimes is not possible. As a result, you may lose out in some relationships. But otherwise, you love to help people out from difficult and tight spots when they really need you.

If you are an Ape : Very impatient and hyper!!! You want things to be done as quick as possible. At heart, you are quite simple and love if you are the center of attraction. That way, you people are unique. You would like to keep yourself safe from all the angles. Shall your name be dragged or featured in any sort of a controversy, you then go all panicky. Therefore, you take your precautions from the very beginning. When you foresee anything wrong, your sixth sense is what saves you from falling in traps. Quite a money minded bunch you people are!!

Now, I'm passing this to Nor, Princess & Darlene

awards galore!!!

I have so many awards from my friends that I haven't posted yet, so before I start my day this morning, I'll post them all here:

Thank you so much to Mich for giving me this :
And passing this award to

To Lorie & Abie for :

And I'm passing this one to Josh, Noel & Denz

Norms for these two :

I'm passing them to Jona, Jean & Nova

To Lisa for this:

And finally this one to Abie, Yen & Jesse

Thank you so much sisters! Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wordless wednesday # 3

my wordless wednesday # 1 at my new domain!

Good Morning!

Yup I'm up early and ready for blogging! :)

Btw, want to peek on my first WORDLESS WEDNESDAY ENTRY at my new domain?

Just click here and see the chub chub!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

my own domain!

Yipeey! I'm so happy to have my very own domain!

Yes, you read it right, I just purchased my domain at Wordpress! (Thanks to paid blogging!) I'm so happy to see my name with the .com at the end. Lol! Excuse me for being so pathetic but I’m just so excited! LoL!

Though I’m still in the process of learning Wordpress which is quite intricate at first, I’m somewhat getting it all in my system now. Thanks to my previous blogging experience and bloggy friends
Mich, & Vannie, (meron pa me hindi maintindihan sis, lol) I was able to surpass some obstacles. (drama!lol! )

In short! (This is quite getting long na), I want you guys to please link my new blog.

I also want to thank Yen, salamat sis! naliwanagan na me! :)

See you there! :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

v-date with hubby

Last Feb 15, me and my hubby Adrian went out for our V- Date. We had our fine dining at Ala Creme'. The place was cozy and was just right for a very romantic mood.Here are the pics that we shot!
~ US ~


~ Me and My Hubby ~

~ Pa-cute hubby, lol! ~

The Food: ( some )


~ Chocolate Frappe ~


~ Ceasar Salad Supreme ~

We had a Steak Ala Creme' with Mash Potatoes and Chicken Fingers for our main course, finally a Sinful Cake for our dessert. Yumyum! Unfortunately, we haven't got a shot of the rest of our food, because my cam run out of battery, talking about the big day!:( Anyways, it's fine with me at least we had a night that I will never forget. :)

finest online play slots

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Simply the best!

best blogs in the digital world

Got this Image of Love entitled "Best Blogs in the Digital World" from LORIE, one of my bloggy friends.

Now, I'm passing this award to Kris, Kelly Lisa, Jesse and Lhen

need help, like Theresa?

My friend Theresa, who is living in Torrance, California, has been whining about her unwanted fats for sometime now. She keeps on telling me that she’ll have her liposuction done very soon, well she wants to be like her favorite sexy movie star, so that she can have that oozing self confidence that has been missing since she gave birth to her first child.

Yes, she recently gave birth last February 1, and she has been experiencing some postpartum depressions which include gaining excessive weight especially on his arms and tummy areas. Imagine this: she had gained an approximately 50 pounds during her whole pregnancy and everybody thought that she’s expecting triplets because of how huge she was. Worst her hubby even teases her names like Fatsie! Well, She really has something to be miserable of!

She was like a cosmetic maniac since then. She’s been calling me to help her find a good plastic surgeon to end her miseries. Due to her undying request, I tried to search online and ask some of my friends who had undergone liposuctions and other surgery. Some of my friends told me that we should check Rodeo Drive Liposuction, where we can find the best Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeons that can solve Theresa’s troubles. So, we browse in thru their site and found out what they were talking about.

Rodeo Drive Liposuction offers advanced plastic surgery services and state-of-the-art facilities that can truly satisfy your needs. Plus, their surgical facilities are built and run at the uppermost standards, to ensure the highest level of safety. Well, you don’t need to worry about the staff because their surgeons are fully trained, who graduated from the finest universities and residencies in the country including Stanford University, The University of Chicago, and UCLA Medical Center. Their anesthesiologists are medical doctors to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety during your procedures. They offer the latest approaches to liposuction and use cutting edge technology. Wow! They can surely give you the best Beverly Hills Liposuction and California Tummy tuck that one could ever have! Can’t wait to tell Theresa about this!

i'm cookie monster daw?

Snag this Blogthing from Lhen.

You are Cookie Monster

Misunderstood as a primal monster, you're a true hedonist with a huge sweet tooth.

You are usually feeling: Hungry. Cookies are preferred, but you'll eat anything if cookies aren't around.

You are famous for: Your slightly crazy eyes and usual way of speaking

How you life your life: In the moment. "Me want COOKIE!"