Tuesday, September 25, 2007

recommended !

After a few weeks of reading the what to expect for baby sitter's handbook. I still can get the book out of my mind "What to Expect When You're Expecting". So I immediately went to a bookstore at Nepo Mall Angeles and look for that book. Upon diggin' the pile of books, whala! Finally, I saw the book! I immediatel bought it and read it at home. I feel so happy upon browsing the page, saw all the information I need to know and I'm currently experiencing.
The book talks about almost everything, from conception to post- partum. I really recommend this book! One of my favorites!

my first helper

I can't believed I'm pregnant! Feel so blessed, so excited, quit scared ..oopss. I don't know anything about being and feeling pregnant! hmmm.. I have to know, but how? ahmm confused, irritated and tense, I watch TV just to relaxed and clear my mind a little bit. Then, I heard Ms. Carmina Villaroel, I think its a 'SIS' episode apparently talking about pregnancy. I got really interested and watch them seriously. Ms Villaroel mentioned that when she was pregnant she had this book '' WHAT TO EXPECT WHEN YOU'RE EXPECTING''. She said, she got a lot of help, relief and information about her pregnancy.

So after a day or so, I search for this book, but having a hard time finding one. I went to SM & National Bookstore but I haven't spot even a page of it. What I saw was a handbook at National Bookstore it has a "What to Expect" on his cover so i bought it with second thought. I was so excited when I got home only to find out that it was a book for baby sitters. I was a little bit dissappointed but still I read the book. I was amazed so many info's about childcare and safety, I think I was wrong judging it, it was a good book after all.

beginning of a new Life

Whow! What a bliss! Eveything is like a dream and now, a new blessing has come. A few days after my wedding, i finally realized that I have not got my period yet. Anxious and excited we tried to have a preg test last December 14, 2005, and whow! POSITIVE BABY! +++ I kept that preg test up to now in my baby album. My hubby jump with joy with a wide grin in his face after hearing the news!... we were so happy and fulfilled. We immediatel informed my parents and they were happy as well. Although we haven't told our other relatives & friends without confirming it to my OB. We got an appointment with m OB and requested for an ultrasound. Whala! I'm 7 weeks pregnant! =) Anyways, its time for us to have a baby na, since we've been together civilly last May 11, 2005, defensive.. lol!

as we tie the Knot

Atlast! Our wedding day! After a year and 8 months we finall tie the knot...
December 11, 2005, Sunday, at St. Joseph's the Worker Parish at Floridablanca, Pampanga 1:00pm in the afternoon.

Me & My Labs Ko

Me and my hubby Adrian met at Romac Industries, Inc. the place we work our breads.
We see each other almost everyday but never talk a vowel. I finally said "YES" on a very romantic night of Holy Thursday- April 08, 2004 :)

How to Start?

How should I start? Hmm.. I know my blog will start, like how my life started when I met my hubby and changed my LIFE forever... =)