Friday, October 19, 2007

When I was young

Thanks so much Sarah for this Tag.

This tag is very simple. All you have to do is share a baby, teenager or whatever you please picture of yourself when you were younger.

I would like to see how you look like before.

Unfortunately for me, I don't have my baby or any younger pics anymore. Our house got on fire last 2000 kc. :(

Anyways, if ever may makita pa ako, i'll add them here. =)

~ an old pic w/ my bro, I was 4 yrs old here (my-bday) ~

~ Graduation pic- College ~

Now its your turn. =)

Im tagging Jean, Arlene, Yvette, Mich & Anette. (ladies if you're done with this tag just ignore it)


Thira said...

Hello Eds, you look pretty in your grad pic:)I tag you in this but you're
through already:)I haven't finish your tag yet but will be posting it soon:)

Edralin Nanquil said...

thanks sis! gosh medyo nahiya naman ako ng konti! lol! =)

Mich said...

awww, this is a very interesting tag. sige i'll look for an old picture tapos pa-scan ko, so wait lang ha, this might take a long time. hehehe! thanks sis! ;)

Edralin Nanquil said...

yes sis! its ok, i'll wait for it. =)

Marlene said...

Hi Eds, I would really like to do this tag, pero lahat na old pictures ko nasa Davao. Pwede cguro pic ng hubby ko na when he was little :-) Btw, i like the color of your blog now.

Eds Nanquil said...

sure sis! thanks marlene!