Thursday, April 27, 2017

No-Nonsense Tips for Creating a Successful eBay Store

Wouldn’t it be great to have your very own online store that earns a steady income you and your family could survive on? This is a dream a lot of stay-at-home moms and dads have, and even full-time entrepreneurs. While many eBay stores flop, there are plenty of others that fare pretty well for many years. Is there a secret to their strategy? If you look closer, you’ll see that they use many of the same tactics and techniques that digital marketers use. Follow these tips when you finally make the move to startup your own eBay storefront.

Create a Brand for Your Store

It’s not enough to just open up an online store and wait for customers to come to you. You need to actively brand your store and promote it to the world. Depending on the niche you’re in, you may have hundreds, if not thousands, of other sellers to compete with. You need to set your storefront apart from the others by building a brand that is recognizable. This includes having an image uploaded, such as a company logo. Then the cover photo will be like the billboard for your business, so make sure it’s high-quality. These images should be consistent with all the listings you have posted on eBay.

Ensure Your Product Images Are High Quality

All of the images you post on listings should be high-quality. These should be taken with a high-resolution camera. In the beginning, you may not be able to afford a professional photographer, so you’ll need to practice with your own camera. Editing software tools can also be used to help improve the images. Remember, your photos are your selling point for shoppers. If these look great, your chances of making a sale is increased.

Place Your Top Items at the Forefront

The first items shoppers see when they come to your eBay store should be your best-selling stuff. These featured items will continue to sell well if people can find them. Make it easy by placing it right in front of them when they first enter your store. If you don’t have any best-sellers yet, you can choose items that represent the assortment of products you have available. This way, people have an idea of what to expect from your shop.

Implement Social Buttons

You should have social profiles set up, so you can interact with your customers. Place buttons to your pages, so prospects and customers can find and follow your pages. Make sure to include share buttons for your products, so customers can share them with their friends on social media. This will increase the visibility of your products and storefront, bringing in more traffic.

Make Your Descriptions Detailed

The listings on your eBay store should be very thorough and detailed. Include all the information customers need to know to make a final purchasing decision. This will minimize the need for them to contact you to ask questions before buying and it will keep them from leaving your store to find another shop that offers more information about their products. 

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Movavi Software Review

Ever wish that you could do more with your media files? Want to edit and enhance your photos, create stunning and professional-looking videos, or even just optimize your media files for certain devices? 

The main thing that tends to stand in the way of most people who want to do any (or all) of that is the fact that handling media files can be tricky for the uninitiated. Most of the software involved in editing photos or audio files, creating videos, and converting media files tends to be technical and complicated - and trying to learn how to use it will take time. 

That is part of what makes the software that Movavi brings to the table so widely-used. Unlike most media software and video programs out there, it offers a hassle-free and user-friendly approach that will make it simple and straightforward to accomplish your goals. As a matter of fact, it is so easy to use that you’ll be able to get started almost immediately and will be done in no time. 

All you need to do to start is select which Movavi software would suit your needs best. Each and every one of the software available specialize in a different area – ranging from audio and photo editing, to video production, media conversion, slideshow creation, and much more. Once you select the software that seems to fit your needs, you’ll gain access to all the features that you need – and then some. 

On the whole the range of features that Movavi software offer tends to be nothing less than comprehensive and includes numerous powerful options that will allow you to handle your media files like a professional. At the same time it ensures that these features adhere to its user-friendly philosophy, making it completely beginner-friendly.

The best way to see what you will be able to get done with the Movavi software is to try it out firsthand by giving it a whirl. It shouldn’t take you long to put it to use accomplishing your goals, and odds are you’ll find it indispensable in no time.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Ways to Save Water, Electricity and Money

As a mother trying to make ends meet, I find myself looking for ways to save money. Because of this, I have become a couponing queen, saving hundreds of dollars a month on our grocery bills. However, I was still trying to figure out how we could reduce costs on our monthly utility bills. After researching my options, I decided to implement electricity and water-conserving steps into our daily lives, and I have actually noticed a change in the amount we pay on utility bills. So of course I’m going to share them in hopes that others can help save so money. 

• Turn off lights when leaving the room. This one was actually more difficult to stick too then it sounds, especially with two kids. If, however, you can get into the habit of simply switching the lights off when you leave the room, you will quickly see a decrease in your electricity bill. 

• Use a power strip. Power strips are a great way to eliminate energy vampires, which are electronics – such as televisions and computers – that continue to use electricity even after you turn it off. With a power strip, you simply click the off switch and those energy vampire items can no longer suck power. 

• Change your light bulbs. Those old light bulbs you currently have installed are wasting energy and costing you more money. Instead, switch your bulbs with LEDs or CFLs. Click here for more information about the savings you can see by simply choosing a better light bulb. 

• Install low-flow fixtures in the bathroom. If you can find it in your budget, consider replacing older toilet models with newer, low-flow ones. These types of toilets can actually save 75-percent of water that is used for every flush. At the very least, you should install a low-flow shower head. These nifty little devices are not too expensive and can save 7.5 gallons of water every minute of use. 

• Use a programmable thermostat. These types of heating and cooling thermostats allow you to set the temperature at certain times during the day and night. That way, your HVAC system will atomically turn the heat down while you’re away from the home, thus preventing energy waste. 

Those are just a few of the steps we have taken to reduce our utilities bills. What’s even better is that practicing a more environmentally-friendly approach to your daily life will reduce your carbon footprint and help preserve the earth for future generations.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The Best Graduation Gift

Are you looking for the best graduation gift? 

Well, why not give him or her musical instrument that he or she can learn to play. My nephew graduated last week and I opted to purchase him a gift that he can use and can enhance her skills in terms of music. I think giving something to a person that can enhance his skills is the greatest gift one could ever had. Check out musicians friend banjo for the instrument I bought for him.

Friday, July 31, 2015

How Do I Get Custody of My Child?

Custody of a child is a very tricky subject because the laws have changed in many states. Judges no longer automatically give custody of a child to his or her unmarried mother. Nowadays, judges review several factors and determine the arrangement that would be in the child’s best interest. Both parents will want to have an attorney present to stand by their side in a custody dispute. The judge will review the following factors to determine where the child belongs: 

Financial Stability 

Financial stability will not be a main factor in making a custody decision, but it will be one of the areas that the judge will review. He or she will want to ensure that the child has all the essentials such as shelter, food, water and the like. 


The judge will review the lifestyles of both parents. He will look at whether the parents have a busy lifestyle that involves drug usage, dating, instability and so forth. The best life for a child is one that has as few changes and challenges as possible. The judge will consider the circumstances.

Criminal Background

A criminal background may affect the judge’s decision if the crime is recent. Drug crimes and sexual crimes against children will weigh heavily on a parent’s fitness in the eyes of the judge.

Relationship With Parents and Extended Family 

The courts will review the relationship that the child has with the parents and the extended family. He or she will speak to all members of the family and try to speak with the child, as well. The judge will be able to tell if the child has a close relationship with the mother, father and any of the extended family members. A custody decision may go a different direction if the judge finds that one of the parents tried to alienate the other one for personal gain. 

Getting Help With a Custody Case 

Having a lawyer involved in the case is imperative for mothers and fathers. Cordell and Cordell is a law firm that can take an objective look at the case and decide the best strategy for keeping the mother and father connected to the child. The first step in the process is making a brief phone call to schedule an initial consultation. The attorney will invite the person in and start fighting for his or her rights immediately.